PINACLE Token Passcode

A token passcode is a one-time, randomly generated numeric code created by a physical device that you have. It is used in conjunction with information that you know, such as your Company User ID, Operator ID and Password, to help authenticate your PINACLE or PINACLE Express login.

Key Points about Token Devices

Passcode Generation

The number on your token device changes periodically.

Grace Period

If the number on the device changes just as you have entered it into the Token Passcode field on the login page, don't worry - there's a short grace period.

Re-using Numbers

If there is an error with your login, you will have to wait until the number changes to enter the passcode again.

Automatic Shut Off

The device will automatically shut itself off after a minute, or you can manually shut it off.

Important Legal Disclosures and Information

PINACLE is a Registered Trademark of The PNC Financial Services, Inc.