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Your cash flow cycle can be inconsistent and unpredictable.  To help you succeed we provide an array of solutions to optimize your business cash flow. Whether you need financing for crops, livestock, or major equipment purchases, PNC has solutions that make your business more predictable.[1]

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Increase Your Cash Flow in Two Years

How Smart Business Owners Will Double Their Cash Through 2019

Guest Speaker: Gene Marks, Nationally Recognized Management Expert

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Agriculture is an industry with unique banking needs due to cash flow seasonality and marketplace cyclicality

A custom banking approach is necessary to keep your cash flow consistent and predictable. Whether you're a lifestyle farmer, own a small farm, operate a large commercial farm, or run an agri-business, PNC has the products, services and experience to help you achieve your goals.

Understanding Agriculture Production

PNC is one of the Top 20 agriculture banks in the nation[2] and has supported the industry for many years. You require bankers that understand how a farm or agri-business operates, in addition to the market trends that may impact your business and financial stability. At PNC, we have a dedicated staff of agricultural bankers devoted to keeping your farm or agri-business running smoothly and profitably. Our sales team is committed to building solid, long-term relationships with agriculture producers and agri-businesses.

PNC is also dedicated to the communities where agriculture producers work and live through our close working relationships with agricultural associations and local extension offices, in addition to supporting county fairs and industry specific conventions.

Improve and Regulate Your Cash Flow

Your cash flow cycle can be inconsistent and unpredictable. We understand the unique challenges your business faces and the special role that cash flow plays in your success. To help you succeed we provide an array of solutions to optimize your business cash flow.Whether you need financing for crops, livestock, or major equipment purchases, PNC has solutions that make your business more predictable, including flexible repayment schedules[1]. Additionally, we can help accelerate the collection of receivables, monitor and project cash, and improve the ways you make payments. We also offer a full suite of online tools and reporting for easy account analysis. Explore all of these solutions in more detail below.

Understand, Project, Act

The health of your business depends on your ability to analyze performance and confidently make decisions that will help you achieve your goals. With Cash Flow InsightSM, you can visualize your cash flow week-to-week, month-to-month and even year-to-year with innovative views so you can see trends that may help with future projections. See how it works »

Start with the Right Business Checking Account

PNC offers business checking accounts with features for the needs of your farm or agri-business.

Talk to us about your agriculture business, where you want it to go, and how we can help you get it there. Your PNC Agricultural Banker will identify key components of your business' revenue cycle, and help you select the options best suited for your needs.

Tools and Resources


Taking Command: Helping Your Business Perform to its Full Potential

Guest Speaker: Mike Durant, 2013 Vetrepreneur of the Year

Durant, the man behind the real life story of Black Hawk Down, New York Times best-selling author of "In the Company of Heroes", successful entrepreneur and business owner – and the 2013 Vetrepreneur of the Year, offers a fast-paced look at the similarities between business operations and U.S. Special Operations – including an overview of the fundamentals this unique organization uses to help its people perform to their fullest potential.

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Increase Your Cash Flow in Two Years

How Smart Business Owners Will Double Their Cash Through 2019

Guest Speaker: Gene Marks, Nationally Recognized Management Expert

Hear Gene Marks, whose The Washington Post, Forbes, Inc. Magazine and The Huffington Post columns on management are read weekly by hundreds of thousands of owners of small and medium-sized businesses across the country. Gene’s columns, presentations and frequent appearances on Fox Business, Fox News, MSNBC and CNBC are thought-provoking and entertaining.

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Fall 2016/Winter 2017 issue:

The First Steps of Retirement
To farmers, the idea of retiring may seem unimaginable.

Make Yourself Creditworthy
Start making loan payments, including those on credit card purchases, promptly every month.

Encouraging the Next Farming Generation
Try these tactics to attract the best and brightest.

Protect Your Property
Large, hard-to-patrol acreage and expensive equipment. These make farms particularly attractive to thieves and vandals.

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Summer 2016 issue:

Standard Accounting Practices: Your Competitive Edge
What if every time you purchased feed or sold your harvest you had to convert to a different currency or measurement system?

Tips to Expand Your Customer Base
These days, “community” may refer to not just physical proximity but also digitally connected people.

Build and Maintain Your CSA Shareholders
According to one study, CSAs must replace up to 55% of their shareholders each year.

Customer Service Matters
It's about the daunting feeling of walking into a big-box store looking for the answer to a simple question: Is there anyone here who can help me?

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Tips to Expand Your Customer Base

Duration: 0:4:36
One of the joys of running any small business is the sense of serving a tightly knit community. That’s especially true in agriculture, which, after all, is defined by the land around you. But in many ways, the online age has lent new meaning to the word “community.”


Farming in the Digital Age

Duration: 0:5:04
Developing relationships with legislative and regulatory officials is a must in order to influence public policies that impact your farm or agribusiness. It is also necessary to engage colleagues, the broader community and the media. Use these strategies to effectively communicate your ideas and engage others.


Make Cross-Selling Work for You

Duration: 0:4:50
Customers who buy one product from you are likely to be interested in additional items that compliment their initial purchase.




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PNC points® Visa® Business Credit Card

Get an introductory 0% APR for the first 9 billing cycles following account opening on purchases and balance transfers, when the balance is transferred within the first 90 days following account opening.

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Manage your business's cash flow with efficiency, control and insight with our innovative suite of online tools.

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PNC is making it easy for you to bank how and when you want to, providing solutions that enable you and your business to bank on your terms.

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