Everyday Learning

Turn everyday moments into learning opportunities for your child.


  • Morning Tips
    Add excitement and engagement to your morning routine.
    child getting hair braided
  • Outdoor Tips
    Step outside and go on a learning adventure with your child!
    child on playground
  • Anytime Tips
    Opportunities for your child to learn are all around us.
    parent-child playtime
  • Mealtime Tips
    Mealtime is full of opportunities to engage your child - from groceries to recipes and more.
    child cooking with parents
  • Storytime Tips
    Take advantage of libraries, books and storytelling to spark your child's imagination!
    Reading in tent
  • Bedtime Tips
    It's never too late in the day to learn! The end of the day is an important time your child will remember.
    child in bathtub
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