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All About Me 

Children learn about their different body parts, explore their shadows, and describe and compare their own unique features. Use creative arts expression to learn about developing motor control, cooperation, identifying and using self-regulation, appropriately expressing a range of emotions, and developing problem solving skills.

  • Science
    Why do We Sweat?
    Children will explore the body’s natural cooling process.
    Happy boy with red cheeks from playing
  • Science
    Close Up Me
    Children will learn about their skin.
    Young girl holds up magnifying glass
  • Science
    Children will learn about fingerprints.
    Child looks at her hands through magnifying glass
  • Science
    Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
    Children will use a mirror to describe the parts of their bodies.
    Young girl looks in the mirror
  • Arts
    Part 1: Expressing Emotion
    Children will explore emotions.
    Young girl expressing happiness by smiling
  • Arts
    Part 2: Expressive Sculptures
    Children will explore emotions.
    Young girl stands in front of a shelf of various items
  • Arts
    Body Bubbles
    Children will explore basic movement concepts.
    Girl plays with hula hoop
  • Arts
    Dancing Shapes
    Children will use their bodies to explore nongeometric shapes.
    Little girl reaches up high with her arms
  • Arts
    Partner Shapes
    Children will explore shapes and movement with a partner.
    Two kids playing together
  • Arts, Science
    Bones & Muscles
    Children will explore how their bones and muscles help them move.
     Photo of a little boy flexing his bicep
  • Science
    My Body & Me
    Children will create life-sized portraits.
    Overhead photo of little girl smiling and stretching out
  • Science
    My Shadow & Me
    Children will learn about their shadows.
    A tittle girl jumping, laughing, and casting shadow on wall
  • Science
    Measuring Me
    Children will explore their height.
    Photo of young boy reaching above his head to make himself look taller
  • Arts, Science
    Trace Your Face
    Children will trace their facial features on a mirror.
     Young child looking in the mirror and smiling