Video: I-Hub Messaging and User Profile Transcript

Joyce Frydryck [00:00:00] Welcome. This is Joyce Frydryk of the PNC I-Hub support team. This segment will go over messaging as well as the user profile.

Joyce Frydryck [00:00:11] So, messaging is an opportunity, using the envelope up here at the top, to create a message that can be sent to your I-Hub support team or to other institutional trust officers on your accounts. You can see that it is set up with a subject line, and a body area, for you to put information into a message. When you go into the messaging area, you'll also see that you can see previous conversations, strings of messages based on various subjects here, and you'll see which members are in those conversations. So this is a new way for you to reach out to your I-Hub team. And it also includes the capabilities of sending attachments, which can avoid the PNC secure email issues.

Joyce Frydryck [00:01:12] The second portion of this demo is regarding your user profile. And to get to your user profile, you simply select on your name, up here at the top, next to the PNC I-Hub the logo. Once you have selected that, you can see that your profile opens up.

Joyce Frydryck [00:01:33] Your profile is going to show your name, email address, physical address, and/or phone. It also shows notification preferences. The notification preferences are automatically set to on, but you do have the option to change that to off. And these would be email notifications for fee advice or invoice ready; when a request is fully completed, that you have submitted; and whether statements are ready. So if you turn those notifications off, those emails will not generate to you, on an ongoing basis. And you can toggle that back on, if you'd like to, in the future. To make any changes to these, you would simply select the edit profile and preferences button, and it will allow you to make changes to your profile information or your preferences.

Joyce Frydryck [00:02:31] Also on your user profile is the option to change your password. Some organizations require you to change passwords on a specific interval of time: 60 days, 90 days, etc. PNC does not require you to change your password, but if you are needing to do that at any given time, you can change your password using this button.

Joyce Frydryck [00:02:57] Now on the right panel, it will show you: your PNC I-Hub Support Team information of how you get in contact with them, both the toll free line and the email address. And down below, you would see a listing of your institutional trust officers and their contact information, down below here.