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Investigate a variety of vehicles used for travel through an inquiry-rich lesson. Create a rocket ship from common materials and discover the force of gravity on inclined surfaces. Learn about the effects of height and weight on a vehicle’s speed and traveling distance, and the impact of textures on traveling surfaces.

  • Science
    Children will experiment with wheels.
    boy with bicycle
  • Arts
    Vehicles & Movement
    Children will explore movement by moving like airplanes and boats.
    kids in play car
  • Science
    Sink or Float: Explore a Boat
    The children will make rafts out of craft sticks and test their ability to float.
    kids playing with water
  • Science, Arts
    Going Places
    Children will investigate vehicle motion and make a painting.
    boy playing with toy car
  • Arts
    Creating Pathways Through Movement
    Children will explore different ways of moving from place to place.
    girl crawling through tube
  • Science
    Children will explore bicycles and gears.
    boy exploring wheels
  • Arts
    All Aboard the Movement Train!
    Children will explore movement while moving like a train.
    boy playing with toy train
  • Science
    Children will experiment with paper airplanes.
    boy with paper plane
  • Science
    Race Car Rally
    Children will explore how vehicles move.
    Photo of a pile of toy cars
  • Science
    Blastoff! Rocket Ships
    The children will use a variety of simple materials to build a rocket ship.
    Photo of a young boy smiling in a space helmet
  • Science
    Rolling with Ramps
    Children will experiment with ramps and vehicles with wheels.
    Twin boys rolling toy cars on a wooden beam
  • Science
    Travel by Train
    Children will explore trains as a form of transportation.
    Young boy playing with wooden train set