Set Yourself Apart with Exceptional
Employee Retirement Education



Brad Bonno [00:00:09] Welcome. Thank you for joining us today.

Brad Bonno [00:00:11] Providing a well-designed retirement plan is a standard practice for attracting and retaining employees. A thoughtful and holistic education program that suits your workforce and includes targeted financial wellness training is one way to set your plan apart from others.

Brad Bonno [00:00:27] While the first step is helping employees understand the benefits of participating, it is equally important to help them participate in a way that helps drive improved retirement outcomes.

Brad Bonno [00:00:37] Every workforce is different. Employee education strategies need to meet a given workforce where it is. An effective education program is customized to not only meet the education topic needs of your employees, but incorporates the delivery methods best suited to reach your entire workforce.

Brad Bonno [00:00:55] Many employees find it difficult to save for retirement due to more immediate financial concerns. Therefore, many employees consider access to financial wellness resources a key benefit. Employers who provide financial wellness, education, and tools as a part of their retirement program build loyalty with their workforce and have a clear advantage in recruiting and retention.

Brad Bonno [00:01:18] For assistance with questions or concerns related to the plan, many organizations direct employees to websites or impersonal call centers. Smart employers see the value in providing employees access to unbiased individual consultation. Offering the flexibility to schedule those sessions during the day or into the evening will drive higher engagement. It will also make it easier for employees to include spouses in the session.

Brad Bonno [00:01:45] My last recommendation is a recent trend that I think you should strongly consider. Leaders throughout your organization must be able to confidently describe the key features of your plan, the benefits of participation in the services, and tools available to help employees. Not only will your leaders drive higher engagement among existing employees, they'll be armed with the ability to speak to the quality of your plan to potential candidates during the interview process.

Brad Bonno [00:02:12] If you have any questions or would like to continue the conversation, please contact me or one of my teammates. Thank you.