Four Ways an OCIO Solution Can Help You

Does an OCIO solution make sense for your organization?


Chris McGoldrick [00:00:02] Hello. A question I get often is: given today's market volatility and general uncertainty, does an OCIO solution make sense? I love to say yes, but the honest answer is maybe.

Chris McGoldrick [00:00:12] You have to understand your unique factors, your goals, your objectives and how they may have shifted, and reassess your situation. As you evaluate that situation, here are four ways an OCIO solution can help you address the headwinds you're facing.

Chris McGoldrick [00:00:27] First: robust risk management and oversight. The world is scary, it's uncertain. That can all be managed, and it really starts with an investment policy statement tailored to you. An investment policy statement has to build in transparency, oversight, clear accountability at each step along the way. An OCIO should also be taking a step to build a enterprise-wide plan that goes well beyond traditional investment risk metrics.

Chris McGoldrick [00:00:53] Second: an enhanced strategy. In many cases, your portfolio will need to do a lot more than it has done in the past. Immediate needs for plans, both need to be addressed and handled within that strategy. An OCIO should build in a tailored solution, leveraging the full range of investment options to make that a reality.

Chris McGoldrick [00:01:11] Third: better allocation of resources. The only given is you don't get time back. We're going to need to do more with less. Focus on your mission will remain paramount. Using an OCIO, you're going to increase the breadth, the depth, and the reach of your team, while staying informed throughout that process.

Chris McGoldrick [00:01:30] And lastly, nimble governance. Decisions are going to be made. In uncertain, volatile times, they often need to be made quickly while remaining aligned to your goals. An OCIO working as a fiduciary will have your best interest at heart, increasing your chances for success.

Chris McGoldrick [00:01:47] If you have any questions, or would like to continue this conversation, please contact me or one of my teammates. You can find additional information by visiting our webpage. Thank you for your time today. I wish you all the best.