Managing a Successful Investment Program


Chris McGoldrick [00:00:05] Managing a successful investment program has many different facets. The investment process is crucial, but governance and oversight play key roles in realizing success. There are 3 key components to address and successfully manage your investment program: time, resources, and capabilities.

Chris McGoldrick [00:00:22] So from a time perspective, being part of an investment committee is a real time commitment. Boardroom meetings, ad hoc meetings, keeping up with the markets. It's only getting busier. How much time and bandwidth do your members have to dedicate?

Chris McGoldrick [00:00:35] From a resource perspective, today's environment is one that's in a constant state of flux. I don't see it calming down, you likely don't either. To manage through this change, it's imperative to have a plan. Flesh out your goals and objectives. Build and execute your investment policy statement. This all requires demands on your limited resources. These demands may strain your ability to meet your overall mission, though. How can you best utilize your resources, given your broader responsibilities?

Chris McGoldrick [00:01:04] And last but not least, capabilities. Investment committees should have a wide array of skills from risk management, investment expertise, and governance. They need to think holistically from enterprise financial modeling framework. Is the depth and breadth of the skills to manage the program on a real time basis available? If not, how will that be addressed?

Chris McGoldrick [00:01:25] So to recap, strong governance is the key to success. You need to keep in mind time, resources, and capabilities as you go forward. Success is achievable with a well laid out plan. Changes and surprises will come up, but they can be managed. Building a strong governance framework is one of the best ways to meet your investment goals and maybe more importantly, address your organization's overall mission.

Chris McGoldrick [00:01:50] Thank you again for your time. Please reach out to your local PNC contact if you have any questions.