Video: PNC Real Estate Enterprise Transcript

Today Midland brings you the next generation of our proven commercial loan management system, Enterprise.

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Driven by experienced commercial loan servicing and technology professionals, Enterprise has been reimagined to enhance efficiency by integrating all functionality into a single platform.

Enterprise delivers versatility with the power to administer multiple asset classes, robust compliance through enhanced risk and portfolio management capabilities, powerful data driven insights, and reduced costs.

Transforming to a cloud hosting platform, Enterprise employs advanced technologies, including APIs, smart automation, and dynamic workflow.

Building toward an industry standard zero trust security model to provide enhanced access controls, increase visibility, and dynamic response capabilities to support a more resilient and secure ecosystem.

Enterprise advanced automation provides increased data exchange efficiency. The platform allows workflow stream customization with a manager dashboard for easier oversight and approvals. All of this is supported by a customized approach that streamlines the implementation process. Continuous quality system updates and releases will enable peak performance into the future. And on an ongoing basis, clients remain active participants in the product journey to provide input for future needs and improvements.

Long trusted by industry leading loan servicers and with more than $1.5 trillion in assets under management, Enterprise now brings you greater operating efficiency, lower costs, increased capacity and scalability, streamlined processing and workflow, data integration, and enhanced reporting, all to enhance portfolio management capabilities and improved borrower customer service.

Discover the next generation of Enterprise today.