Video: The 5 Es of Cybersecurity Educate Transcript

The next E, that we're going to discuss is probably the most important and that's educating your employees.

Now, what does it mean to educate your employees as it relates to cyber security?

Well, as we've mentioned, several times, the cybersecurity threat landscape is always changing and it's important to be mindful of those current trends and understanding where the best practices are and helping your employees understand the common red flags of malware and phishing and social engineering schemes and utilizing best practices to mitigate those potential threats.

Also helping them to understand that threats come from not only telephone calls, but also emails and text messages and understanding the red flags within each of those components is important to keep you and your business is safe.

There's so much more to learn as we continue to walk through the 5 years of cybersecurity, we hope you'll continue to join us as we walk through each of these in greater detail.

If you have any questions related to cyber security, please contact your PNC representative, who will schedule time with our security team.

Thank you.