Video: The 5 Es of Cybersecurity Empower Transcript

In the previous 5 Es of cybersecurity video, we talked about the importance of educating our employees. To take that one step further, we'll talk through the next E, which is empowering your employees to make smart cybersecurity decisions. And what does that mean to make smart cybersecurity decisions?

What that means is make a process convenient, and repeatable and comfortable for your employees to raise their hands when something doesn't seem right or something seems a bit off and they need a 2nd opinion.

If, for example, an employee never receives emails from the CEO and then all of a sudden begins to receive those emails asking for specific requests, or different types of information, give them the ability to raise their hand and say, this doesn't seem right and I need a 2nd opinion, and that second opinion can come from anyone in the organization. I mean, that can come from a manager from someone within the I. T. Department or even a peer.

But at the end of the day, make that process comfortable to give them the ability to raise their hand. There's a lot more to discuss as we walk through each of the Es of cybersecurity in greater detail. We hope you'll continue to join us.

As always if you have any questions related to the cybersecurity, please contact your PNC representative who will schedule time with our team to discuss your cybersecurity related concerns in greater detail.

Thank you.