Video: The 5 Es of Cybersecurity Evolve Transcript

So far in this video series, the 5 Es of cybersecurity, we've talked through how to establish procedures, enforce those procedures, educating your employees, empowering your employees to make smart decisions and now in this last E, we'll talk about how to evolve your business process and procedures as the threat changes.

It's important to be mindful that the cybersecurity threat landscape is consistently changing, and threat actors and criminals are always looking for new and innovative ways to steal personal information and get into business systems.

So, it's important to monitor your procedures as they relate to the cyber security threat landscape and make changes as you deem appropriate.

You should also review your procedures on a predetermined basis based on your personal and business risk profile.

So, whether that's annually or semiannually, it's important that they are reviewed as well as your business continuity plans and understand that that threat is consistently evolving and changing.

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