Video: I-Hub Account Management Transcript

Joyce Frydryck [00:00:00] Welcome. This is Joyce Frydryck of the PNC I-Hub support team. This segment, we'll go over the account management tab. This tab is specific to only those individuals that are authorized signers for the accounts. Other submitters or other users will not see this view on the I-Hub home page.

Joyce Frydryck [00:00:25] As you click into the account management tab, you see there are several sub tabs. And the first one is the users that are actual users within the institution. So you will see the options for what they have access to, whether they have I-Link cash processing, benefit processing, trading, or pay web. You can see who is the certifier: the individual that is available to review access at least on an annual basis. And if you have the need to immediately revoke someone's access, you can have the option to go into this area and select the revoke option to immediately remove access from that user.

Joyce Frydryck [00:01:14] The next view is the accounts view. As you can imagine, I have a test or sample log in here, and I only have one account. But this would, if you have many accounts, display all of the accounts, as well as the account number and the institutional trust officer's name. For authorized signers, this is going to show all of the current authorized signers for the account: those that can approve transactions. Now, if I am an authorized signer, I will also have the option to create a new authorized signer. It would be an option to amend the existing authorized signers form, adding another additional approver for transactions.

Joyce Frydryck [00:02:08] And the last view is the institution notification settings. This is an opportunity for you to prevent fraud, in that we have settings for each of the withdrawal types, with a threshold. So if for an individual withdrawal type, in this case an international wire, we have a threshold of $100,000. Any international wire that is requested over the $100,000 goes not just to the approver that is selected, but it goes to all approvers, as a notification and a prevention of any fraudulent activities.