Video: I-Hub Home Page and Access Transcript

Joyce Frydryck [00:00:00] Welcome to the demo for the PNC I-Hub access for our institutional asset management clients.

Joyce Frydryck [00:00:08] I am Joyce Frydryck and I manage the I-Hub support team.

Joyce Frydryck [00:00:13] In this section we will go over the I-Hub home page and the different access that each individual can be set up with.

Joyce Frydryck [00:00:23] So we are viewing the I-Hub home page and you can see that on the right side we will have informational bulletins. These bulletins will alert you to upcoming holidays. They will also alert you to releases with enhancements to the system. We also have alerts up here in red for those more prominent messages that we send to the clients. So those are custom to the different applications that the user would have access to.

Joyce Frydryck [00:00:59] Now, speaking of that access, I'll go over here in very short detail that we have cash processing, benefit processing, trading.

Joyce Frydryck [00:01:09] We have reporting for both accounts and for benefit reporting, and we have a support page.

Joyce Frydryck [00:01:17] The account management section is primarily for the authorized signers.

Joyce Frydryck [00:01:24] When you become a client of PNC Institutional Asset Management, your institutional trust officer will sit down with you and discuss each user's access and what we should be setting up for the access as well as approval rights.

Joyce Frydryck [00:01:42] So this is the I-Hub home page. We will have additional sections to go over each of the other areas.