Video: PNC Donor Advisor Fund  Transcript


The PNC Gifting Portal is a holistic solution for nonprofit organizations currently sponsoring an active donor-advised fund. Today, there's a solution to help nonprofit organizations bring in new donors, expand donations, and more effectively and efficiently manage assets, risks, and fundraising.

The PNC Gifting Portal is a white-labeled, donor-advised fund a solution providing tailored integrated digital resources for sponsors and donors backed by the extensive financial and nonprofit experience of PNC Institutional Asset Management.

The online portal allows sponsors to conveniently and securely manage multiple donor-advised fund accounts with real-time data access, on demand reporting at the consolidated and individual levels, and the ability to quickly respond to donor inquiries with visibility into the donor's view.

The result? An easier and more efficient way to manage contributions, submit grant requests, monitor activities in real-time, and review and store account records. For donors, the platform offers two options for opening new accounts. Either by securely creating their own or in conjunction with the sponsoring charity. This allows you to accept a wider range of donation sizes with less time spent on administration

Through the platform's donor dashboard, donors enjoy secure, real-time fund access to view status, take actions and download statements and reporting. PNC outsourced chief investment officer solutions deliver an investment lineup that matches each donor's objectives, timelines, and risk profiles along with the experience to ensure confidence every step of the way.

The platform also automates transactions with real-time sponsor and donor visibility and generates key reports, including contributions, distributions, foundation activity, consolidated statements, and individual statements. Recordkeeping is made simple and convenient through the platform.

Donors can upload and maintain important data and records are connected to each donor's account. Sponsors can access records and generate fund statements at the individual donor and aggregate fund levels. In addition, the platform provides unitized accounting with sponsor visibility at the donor and aggregate levels and verification of grantee charitable status against the IRS Master File and Publication 78 databases.

The PNC Gifting Portal is fully supported by a dedicated planned giving team with proven nonprofit experience our specialists will handle the time consuming and technical aspects of maintaining your donor advised fund program. With its comprehensive features digital convenience and the end to end financial expertise and support of PNC Institutional Asset Management, the PNC Gifting Portal gives you the freedom to invest your time and resources in what matters most, your mission.