Video: PNC Investment Process and Approach to OCIO Services Transcript


Today's investment universe is complex and constantly evolving, placing significant demands on the time and attention of organizations to manage their own investment portfolios. Off-the-shelf solutions are convenient, but not a precise fit, while outsourcing investment managers requires complete confidence in their expertise, depth of resources, and ability to provide customization.

PNC is here to orchestrate the solution. Our integrated teams of talented specialists with clearly defined roles work in harmony to deliver customized solutions that are in tune with the unique needs of our clients. Our investment strategy group sets the melody by developing short, medium, and long term market views that frame our asset allocation recommendations.

Our clients benefit from our thought leadership, market analysis, and actionable insights along the way. Our talented investment advisor research professionals identify the skilled managers and investment instruments that set the stage for solutions across asset classes. With an eye toward minimizing risks, the team simplifies access and delivers strategies at a reasonable cost. Our portfolio construction and management professionals follow a multi-step process to customize investment solutions. Performing with transparency, the team seeks to identify the right managers for the current environment, pairs those managers within portfolios that accommodate varying market conditions, and strives to obtain exposures reflective of current market views.

Behind the scenes, our portfolio analytics group and risk management team provide accompaniment on every investment solution through ongoing risk management. Our professionals seek to establish risk standards, provide analytical and quantitative support, and promote systems integrity and adherence to established policies, all while providing independent oversight and analysis of our investment process. Together, our integrated teams provide ongoing monitoring and recommended tuning if and when needed.

And to confirm that our solutions are in tune, client preferences are incorporated through consultation with the conductor -- a PNC investment advisor. As your single point of contact, your investment advisor strives to have the full investment orchestra focused on your goals by adhering to your unique investment policy statement, the sheet music that serves as the strategic guide for delivering a performance that hits the right notes. With the talent, coordination, and precision of a symphony orchestra, the teams within the PNC Asset Management Group seek to deliver client-centered, tailored investment solutions. To find a solution that's in perfect harmony with your unique investment portfolio needs, visit to talk with us today.