Video: PNC Foreign Exchange Netting Transcript

For companies with domestic and international affiliates, managing intercompany payments can be a costly, time consuming challenge. Decentralized global payment processing and uncoordinated payment terms lead to limited visibility of intercompany activity and inefficient information flow to decision makers. PNC Pinnacle FX Netting is a web based multilateral netting platform that can streamline intercompany payments, allowing you to more effectively and efficiently manage cross-border settlements.

This advanced technology can improve clarity into intercompany payment processes, can reduce the number of FX transactions, can minimize the associated risk, can eliminate unnecessary payments, and helps to optimize your company's cash flow, which may ultimately save your company money, resources, and time.

PNC Pinnacle FX Netting brings collection and management of all intercompany data and reconcilements into one comprehensive system. Our powerful platform transforms intercompany payments by transitioning foreign exchange netting from numerous, uncoordinated, bilateral payments to an organized multilateral net settlement. This helps you to quantify and minimize FX Notional required for conversion, reduce the time spent on internal payment processes, and minimize the number of intercompany payments all through one system that is ERP and cash management agnostic to align with the way you prefer to do business.

With PNC Pinnacle FX Netting users have seen on average a 74% reduction in the number of transactions and an overall 72% reduction of FX Notional. Discover how PNC Pinnacle FX Netting can help you reduce expenses, increase global visibility, and improve communication across affiliates. Talk with your PNC FX relationship manager today or visit