Video: Brilliantly Boring Transcript


You know what's brilliant? Boring. Think about it. Boring is the unsung catalyst for bold. What straps bold to a rocket and hurtles it into space? Boring does. Great job, astro persons. Over. Boring is the jumping off point for all the un-boring things we do.

Boring makes vacations happen, early retirements possible, and startups start up because it's smart, dependable, and steady, all words you want from your bank. Taking chances is for skateboarding and gas station sushi, not banking.

That's why PNC Bank strives to be boring with your money—the pragmatic, calculated kind of boring. Moving to Boca? Boring. That was a dolphin, right? It's simple, really. For nearly 160 years, PNC Bank has had one goal, to be brilliantly boring with your money so you can be happily fulfilled with your life, which is pretty un-boring, if you think about it. Thank you, boring.