Video: PNC Enterprise Financial Modeling Transcript


Institutional asset owners are navigating a complex environment. Choosing an outsourced chief investment officer to guide your organization on the journey towards sound decision making and improved outcomes is critical to reaching your strategic goals. Enterprise financial modeling holistically encompasses business strategy, financial health, and investment decisions, to help improve overall outcomes.

Our enterprise financial modeling framework enhances our OCIO offering by providing customized solutions that lead the way to better organizational health. PNC aids you in navigating the path to your organization's financial health through a comprehensive four-step process that begins by identifying organizational goals and projections. We help you define your portfolio's investment objective, demonstrate the portfolio's relationship to your financial health and mission, and thoroughly explore all strategic plans and financial projections.

Next, we complete an enterprise financial modeling analysis that includes measuring the influence of investment risk and examining how investment strategy affects key financial metrics, including liquidity ratios and debt-related measures. All to help organizations better understand their risk profile. The third step en route to your destination is developing a customized investment strategy that helps you achieve your goals. This empowers organizations to make more informed strategic decisions, helping to improve outcomes related to key metrics, financial objectives, and your overall goal, including financing, credit rating goals and spending policy.

Step four is implementation and oversight. With the investment policy statement as our compass, our professionals monitor key financial metrics throughout the journey and propose recommendations along the way to help ensure the investment strategy is supportive of your organization's overall financial health. With an experienced guide to help lead the way, your organization can prepare to address today's challenges and can work toward achieving current and long-term goals. PNC's OCIO solutions integrate business strategy, financial health, and investment decisions to help organizations improve decision-making and achieve their mission.