Video: PNC Healthcare’s Patient-First Approach Transcript


The worries, the successes, the costs, and the miracles of healthcare are woven into our lives from birth through end of life care. And the challenges have never been greater. I'm Brian Kelly, Head of PNC Healthcare.

As a former healthcare system CFO myself, I'm acutely aware of the inefficiencies and the stress associated with the interactions between a patient and the healthcare industry. And the administrative aspect of that interaction may not add value from a patient's point of view. So healthcare today demands a different kind of financial institution, one that thinks about the patient first, and is invested in delivering solutions to help drive a better patient experience. Here at PNC, we ask ourselves what we can do to make the interactions between patients, and their providers and payers more transparent while reducing costs and improving efficiencies.

You'll find that each member of our team has a singular focus on healthcare. In fact, many have walked in your shoes. It's one way PNC demonstrates our commitment to helping you meet today's intense challenges. We want to make a real difference, and our dedicated team can help you with credit, treasury management, asset management, and capital markets.

We embrace new technologies that will help you reimagine the way you do business. With our leadership role in the health utility network, we're exploring the potential for blockchain. We are also harnessing the power of machine learning to help reduce costs and claim denials for providers.

PNC can help streamline reconcilement, be the single collection source for numerous payment channels and types, and expedite billing.

Our robust clearinghouse solution, extensive experienced and knowledgeable team can help you to achieve best in class automation, and create efficiencies to improve patient and member experiences.

In the evolving healthcare ecosystem, one thing remains constant-- PNC's customer focus. We build lasting relationships by carefully aligning product development with your needs.

Only a financial institution that thoroughly understands healthcare and is invested in improving the patient experience can provide a foundation designed to help you move steadily toward your goals. So let's have a conversation about the knowledge we've gained and the synergies we deliver to providers, payers, and others in the healthcare ecosystem.

Visit so we can work with you to change the industry for the better.