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Why PNC Healthcare?

Millions of patients. Hundreds of insurance plans. Rising healthcare costs. Inefficient claims remittance processes.

At PNC, we have taken a unique approach to helping healthcare providers and payers minimize administrative costs and maximize cash flow. 

By combining leading clearinghouse capabilities with premier treasury management services, and over 25 years experience working with healthcare payers and providers, PNC provides a full array of integrated solutions to improve the healthcare revenue cycle. We call it the PNC Healthcare Advantage. 

People, Process & Technology

PNC's healthcare experts understand patient billing, finance and technology - after all, we have worked with more than 1,900 healthcare organizations across the country, including payers (2,000 plus connections), providers, pharmacies, Medicare fiscal intermediaries and government agencies. We also provide implementation specialists and an online portal to help automate the revenue cycle and facilitate payer/provider relationships.

Are you a Private Practice?

PNC also offers extensive cash flow options and targeted banking tools and resources to help effectively manage your revenue cycle. To learn more about private practice solutions, visit

PNC Continues to Achieve

EHNAC Financial Services Accreditation.


Revenue Cycle Automation

You, as a Provider, are facing increasing financial challenges, and protecting revenue is critical. Revenue Cycle Automation solutions help to automate the work flow and the management of your revenue cycle workload. Using Revenue Cycle Automation, you can improve both front-end patient access management activities and back-end denial management processes by applying real-time business rules to the data.

Access Guardian

Access Guardian can help you reduce denied claims and the associated rework.

Patient Estimator

Patient Estimator allows your staff to give patients written estimates of their expected out-of-pocket responsibility.

Denial Challenger

Denial Challenger provides a rules-based workflow platform that helps you automate follow-up on active receivables and claim denials.

Solutions for Healthcare Providers
Solutions for Health Insurance Payers
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PNC Healthcare Newsletter: Market Matters

Fall 2015

The Miracle of a Proactive Strategy
Denials prevention/management and patient payment estimation/collection are two areas where hospitals have historically taken a reactive approach and continue to fall short from the standpoint of performance.  Although providers can correct and resubmit claims, submit appeals to payers, and bill patients 30 to 60 days after their healthcare service has been rendered, these approaches are time consuming and costly.  Hopefully, your organization’s approach to these critical functions doesn’t require a “miracle” to get it under control.

The Road Ahead in U.S. Healthcare - Will Patients Take the Wheel?
With the passage of the Affordable Care Act and other recent trends in the U.S. healthcare system, we are experiencing a paradigm shift toward patient-centered care. PNC Healthcare commissioned Shapiro+Raj to explore this shift and what it means for the future of healthcare. This white paper summarizes the results of their study.

The Frugal Healthcare Provider - Saves and Earns with PNC's P-Card Program
Shannon Medical Center in San Angelo, Texas, has served the Concho Valley for more than 80 years. Today it is licensed for 400 beds and is the designated lead level 3 trauma center for the region. The locally-owned health system has a nationally-recognized intensive care unit and critical care for fragile newborns is also among its many services. In order to continue to grow and deliver the state-of-the-art services its diverse community requires, the hospital has maintained the frugal nature of its founders, J.M. and Margaret Shannon. Shannon’s Board of Directors keeps a laser focus on the bottom line.

Healthcare Advisory Board Update
With the passage of the Affordable Care Act and other recent trends in the U.S. healthcare system, we are experiencing a paradigm shift toward patient-centered care.

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