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Why PNC Healthcare?

Millions of patients. Hundreds of insurance plans. Rising healthcare costs. Inefficient claims remittance processes.

At PNC, we have taken a unique approach to helping healthcare providers and payers minimize administrative costs and maximize cash flow. 

By combining leading clearinghouse capabilities with premier treasury management services, and over 20 years experience working with healthcare payers and providers, PNC provides a full array of integrated solutions to improve the healthcare revenue cycle. We call it the PNC Healthcare Advantage. 

People, Process & Technology

PNC's healthcare experts understand patient billing, finance and technology - after all, we have worked with more than 1,600 healthcare organizations across the country, including payers (2,000 plus connections), providers, pharmacies, Medicare fiscal intermediaries and government agencies. We also provide implementation specialists and an online portal to help automate the revenue cycle and facilitate payer/provider relationships.

Are you a Private Practice?

PNC also offers extensive cash flow options and targeted banking tools and resources to help effectively manage your revenue cycle. To learn more about private practice solutions, visit


PNC Continues to Achieve

EHNAC Financial Services Accreditation.

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PNC Healthcare Newsletter: Market Matters

Fall 2014

PNC Healthcare Answers your Questions about Health Savings Accounts
Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) are not entirely new, but are receiving greater scrutiny today in relation to high-deductible health insurance plans and the Affordable Care Act.

Foundations and Investments: An Overview of the 2013 NACUBO-Commonfund Study of Endowments
On the surface, it seems as if the endowment and foundation world is a poster child for successful investment management. Generally speaking, returns from endowments have been strong over the past decade despite historically low interest rates and recently slow economic growth. However, a deeper dive into the data reveals several challenges within some parts of foundations and endowments.

Questions to Ask When Selecting a Money Manager
Investment performance data on money managers is readily available, but it takes time and expertise to critically evaluate and identify those investment managers who most effectively satisfy your specific financial objectives.

Financing Options for the New Healthcare Environment
In this environment, changes to existing payment models and delivery systems will put additional pressure on operating margins and cash reserves.  Consequently, healthcare providers will need to re-think access to capital from traditional and non-traditional sources.

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