Video: Treasury Management Faster Payments Transcript

In an increasingly digital world, companies are recognizing the need to meet the demand for faster and more transparent payments. Companies are looking to become more efficient with an increased focus on digitizing paper processes. PNC Treasury Management can help your company achieve faster, more efficient payment processing, while reducing risk through digital innovation.

Our suite of payment solutions includes traditional payments such as ACH, wire, and card as well as faster payment solutions that include Real-Time Payments, disbursements with Zelle, and direct to debit card. Through our intelligent routing service, we determine the best payment method to use, based on criteria you set according to your business needs.

PNC continues to be a leader in payment innovation, offering a set of APIs that enable payment solutions to be embedded into your platforms and client experience. You can further enhance your payment services by incorporating PNC's real-time fraud protection controls, such as Account Verification Services.

We provide solutions that can help meet the unique needs for your business-to-business and business-to-consumer payments. Send and receive payments 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year with instant availability and confirmation using Real-Time Payments. With Real-Time Payments, you can generate payments with speed and efficiency, while helping reduce customer inquiries with full visibility into payment status. Invoice and payment details are automatically late for easy reconcilement.

Additionally, PNC can enable your company to initiate payments to consumers via email or text message without having to obtain or maintain payee account information. The consumer chooses how to receive the payment from the options that you choose to make available. With so many options available today, choosing the most appropriate payment method is key. PNC's Intelligent Routing service provides you flexible options that meet your business needs and address individual payment scenarios.

You establish the appropriate criteria for the payment, which may include fastest delivery, finality of payment, or lowest cost. PNC delivers innovative solutions with the simplicity and ease of doing business that your company needs. To learn more about how we can bring ideas, insight, and solutions to you, contact your Treasury Management Officer or visit

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