Asset Custody & Accounting Support

Where Family Trees Flourish

Coordinated Services for Ease and Convenience

Behind every wealth management strategy, there are countless administrative tasks: calculations, reports and forms. Families have personal administrative chores as well. A key element of the Hawthorn Promise is our commitment to help ease the complexities of wealth.

Clients Benefit From a Comprehensive Array of Support Services


Asset Custody

We provide asset custody, acting as a financial secretary to perform directed services such as disbursing funds, placing trades, collecting interest and dividends or settling purchases and sales.

Administrative Services

Our administrative services include statements and reports tailored to your needs. Based on your specifications, we can aggregate or segment assets that are spread among multiple households, individuals and generations and we can consolidate assets and transactions from various brokers and investment managers. We also provide sophisticated performance reporting. Account information and select services are available online through our secure portal.

Tax Preparation

We provide fiduciary tax preparation for trusts, account tax information, and, under a separate agreement, we can prepare personal income tax returns.

Other Services

We can also help with personal administrative needs including bill payment, real estate management, private aviation and identity protection using our extensive network of providers and our own professional staff.

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