Philanthropy & Impact

Where Family Trees Flourish

Wealth measured not just by assets, but also by impact.

Families of wealth often want to build both a family legacy and a charitable legacy, using wealth to foster positive change within and well beyond the family circle. PNC Private Bank Hawthorn℠ has a dedicated Philanthropy group to help families envision, articulate and achieve unique charitable legacies.


More Pride and Joy in Giving

Our dedicated team serves families in the discovery, education and planning phases of the philanthropic journey. While traditional philanthropic advice focused solely on which charitable vehicle met the immediate needs for income and estate tax planning, our modern philanthropic advice instead captures each family’s unique perspective and value set, understanding the "Why" and the "What" through a series of questions and activities. Once we understand these fully, the “How” part of the equation will be more fully understood by all family members and both durable and flexible as the family evolves.

Why are you interested in philanthropy? 

What topics or areas of interest have resonated or are of interest now? What do you want to accomplish?
How do you best stack philanthropic vehicles to accomplish your family’s philanthropic, income, estate, governance, and next generation goals?

With our extensive experience, we can help your family focus on pride and joy of giving. We offer a variety of solutions to help you realize your philanthropic mission and vision, from simplifying your giving with a charitable trust or donor-advised fund, to providing administrative support for private foundations.

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