Our goal is to create value for our shareholders by fostering trust and confidence in our governance structure, management, business strategy and day-to-day operations. Active engagement helps to create value and builds trust with our shareholders.

Shareholder Engagement

We welcome engagement with our shareholder community and value the open and transparent exchange of ideas. Through these conversations, we learn about many of our shareholders’ priorities, concerns and interests. The feedback and questions help us to better target our strategies and execution.

We recognize that mitigating and minimizing risk are key components of creating value for our shareholders.

Our conversations covered an array of topics – including strategy and performance, as well as a variety of non-financial topics including climate-related risks and opportunities, workforce and board diversity, cybersecurity and data privacy philosophies, and much more. Our investor relations team, CEO and CFO were actively involved, a variety of other individuals representing our various lines of business, credit, technology, human resources, corporate governance and corporate responsibility.

PNC Investor Relations

PNC highly values connecting with our shareholders and maintains an active dialogue throughout the year.

For more information on shareholder engagement visit PNC Investor Relations.

2023 Corporate Responsibility Report

2023 Corporate Responsibility Report

Learn how we continue to progress against our corporate responsibility priorities and targets and our goals.

2023 Corporate Responsibility Report

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