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About Supplier Diversity at PNC

Why does PNC have a Supplier Diversity program?

PNC can achieve significant business results and competitive advantages by being diverse and inclusive across customer, employee and community interactions as well as in our supplier relationships. Supplier Diversity is crucial to PNC’s core values and commitment.

Does PNC guarantee business for diverse suppliers?

No, PNC does not guarantee business to any supplier. PNC is committed to provide an opportunity for diverse suppliers to compete and sell value-added products and services to PNC.

What types of diverse supplier does PNC work with?

PNC works with any diverse suppliers that are able to provide quality products and services that PNC needs. For a list of products and services that PNC is looking for, please refer to Products and Services We Seek.

How do diverse suppliers learn about upcoming opportunities to work with PNC?

We welcome all diverse suppliers who want to work with us to register in our Supplier Diversity Portal database. After registering, we will keep your information for reference when contracting opportunities become available. At that time we may contact you for a copy of your current certification documentation, along with company brochures or other information that briefly describe your core competencies.

What are the next steps after I register with PNC Supplier Diversity Portal?

Once you have completed the registration on Supplier Diversity Portal, you will receive a confirmation email with your login ID and password. Your information is made available to PNC Strategic Sourcing group and the team will reach out to you when opportunities become available in your area.

I have registered in the PNC Supplier Diversity Portal, but I have not heard back from PNC regarding opportunities. What should I do next?

You should receive an email from us confirming a successful registration in the PNC Supplier Diversity Portal. However, registering does not mean a guarantee of work or sales. We will keep your information in the database in order to contact you when opportunities become available in your area.

Diverse Supplier Certification

How do I get certified as a diverse supplier?

Certification is a process managed by a third party to determine that a business is diverse. PNC encourages diverse suppliers to get certified by relevant organizations. PNC maintains corporate membership list for your reference of diversity advocacy organizations that may be helpful to you. PNC does not require suppliers to register with any specific organization.

Does PNC accept self-certified businesses?

While certification is not a requirement to do business with us, we encourage diverse suppliers to be certified by a relevant organization for access to greater opportunities.

I have a variety of certifications from different federal, state and city municipalities. Does PNC accept these certifications?

PNC does not require diverse suppliers to register with any specific organization. We welcome diverse suppliers who are interested in doing business with PNC.

Tier 2 Program

What is a Tier 2 Program?

This is the program through which PNC works with its non-diverse suppliers (or prime suppliers) to establish diverse spend goals and strategies when working with PNC. For more information, refer to the PNC Tier 2 Supplier Diversity Program.

Does PNC recommend prime suppliers use certain diverse suppliers?

PNC only refers diverse suppliers to prime suppliers for their consideration. PNC does not influence or provide recommendations to prime suppliers on any specific suppliers.

How does PNC ensure that prime suppliers do business with diverse suppliers?

In every step of procurement process, from Request for Information (RFI) to Request for Proposal (RFP), PNC supplier diversity standards and requirements are included. Working with diverse suppliers is a part of the contract agreement between PNC and a non-diverse supplier.

If prime suppliers do not have an existing supplier diversity plan/goal in place, we ask our prime suppliers to develop a plan and goal on how they will increase the spend with diverse suppliers. In addition, we also monitor and report on prime suppliers’ diverse spend.

How do prime suppliers report on their diverse spend?

Tier 2 diverse spend is reported electronically by the supplier by inputting data through the PNC Supplier Diversity Portal. Prime suppliers can register their profile in the system and access the site as a reporting prime to submit their diverse spend by monthly or quarterly. For more information, review Tier 2 Reporting – Prime Suppliers.

PNC Supplier Diversity Portal

How can I register?

Learn more about the 3 Steps to Get Started, and then join our supplier database.

I registered on the Supplier Diversity Portal but it is not accepting my username and/or password?

Please click on the Retrieve Password link. The system will ask you your username which normally is your email address. If you enter correct username, you will received password reset emails on all the registered email IDs. If you enter wrong username twice, the system will ask you to enter a valid email ID that was registered in the Portal. The password reset email will be sent to this particular email address only. If you are still not able to access your account, please use our Supplier Contact Form for further support.

Important Legal Disclosures & Information

It is important to note that registering with PNC's Supplier Diversity Program does not:

  • Guarantee you a PNC contract
  • Certify or designate any company as preferred or approved supplier
  • Obligate PNC to solicit a sourcing opportunity
  • Indicate that registered supplier will be considered or selected to participate in procurement opportunities