PNC Realty Services

PNC Realty Services is a team of real estate professionals addressing all aspects of PNC's real estate needs. A primary function of PNC Realty Services is the management of its owned and leased real estate portfolio. Our portfolio of owned real estate features many bank owned properties for sale and lease throughout the United States.

Customers interested in PNC residential and commercial foreclosure REO properties only, please use the following contact information:

Residential PNC-owned or serviced OREO: Michael Ferguson

Commercial OREO properties: Winston Pickens (713-706-4826)

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Realty Services Contact Information

PNC Bank branches for sale: Kathleen Taylor (412) 762-3345
PNC Bank branches for sublease: Mark Chapman (412) 762-2868
PNC Bank office lease and sublease: Jennifer Lockwood (412) 762-2233