Sustainable Finance

Supporting our clients’ sustainability goals is a key part of our Climate Action Strategy.

 Financing our Clients’ Sustainable Operations

PNC is committed to providing the financing and advice our clients need to create and execute on their own climate transition plans.

Empowering our clients’ sustainable operations means providing financing, underwriting debt and applying proceeds to an environmentally and/or socially beneficial use. We incorporate aspects of sustainable finance into existing products, adhering to generally accepted best practices. 

Our Sustainable Finance team provides expert guidance and advice to clients at any point along their journey.

Areas of focus include:

  • Renewable energy
  • Energy efficiency
  • Green building
  • Sustainable transportation
  • Waste management and pollution control
  • Water quality and conservation
  • Air quality

Our Approach to Corporate Responsibility

We’re committed to doing the right thing for our shareholders, customers, communities and employees.




Mobilizing Environmental Finance

PNC increased our commitment to mobilize environmental finance from $20 billion to $30 billion. This commitment focuses on green real estate, renewable energy, clean transportation and sustainability-linked loans and bonds with specific green use of proceeds. The enhanced environmental finance commitment maintains the same five-year time frame, through 2025. 

Sustainability-linked Loans

Sustainability-linked loans provide an incentive to the borrower for achieving key performance indicators (KPIs) related to sustainability considerations.

We are also committed to providing electric and hybrid vehicle loans.

We equip our client-facing employees across the organization with the necessary skills by offering training and webinars. PNC’s Sustainable Finance team is positioned to support clients at all stages of their sustainability journey.

Green and Social Bonds

Guided by the International Capital Market Association’s documentation around sustainable financing, and its associated Green Bond Principles, Social Bond Principles and Sustainability Bond Guidelines, PNC has developed its Sustainable Financial Bond Framework . This framework, in alignment with PNC’s Corporate Responsibility commitments and UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), establishes the eligibility criteria for green, social and sustainability bonds. 

PNC’s Green Bond issuances support eligible green projects that promote a transition to a low-carbon economy and offer environmentally sustainable benefits. Some examples of these projects include green buildings, renewable energy projects and energy efficiency projects.

PNC’s Social Bond issuances support the financing or re-financing of eligible social projects that promote positive social outcomes and benefit low- to moderate-income (LMI) individuals and communities. Examples of social bond projects include affordable housing and job creation and retention in LMI Communities.

Sustainable Finance Documents

Learn more about PNC's  green and social projects, and an external assessment of our Framework against market standards

Managing Capital for our Clients in a Responsible Way

We recognize that the impact of managing our clients’ capital goes beyond our clients and their families. For many of our clients, managing their capital today means working in the best interest of future generations as well. Responsible Investing (RI) helps our clients align their investments to their personal “why” — the purpose behind their investments. Whether that means securing their family’s long-term financial security by identifying environmental, social, or corporate governance risks and opportunities in their portfolio, or integrating an organization’s mission into its investments, our RI process provides insights and ongoing monitoring for continued alignment with our clients’ unique goals.

PNC's RI strategy is client-focused. We align our approach to our clients' specific goals - not a one-size-fits-all approach. PNC Asset Management Group's RI offering includes dedicated investment solutions, customized analytics and reporting and proxy voting that reflects our client’s individual investing goals.

Our process supports clients in identifying areas to:

  • Exclude or restrict portfolio exposures that may conflict with their mission or values;
  • Proactively assess and engage on environmental, social, and governance topics; and
  • Contribute to solutions by defining and allocating capital toward a targeted objective.
2022 PNC Corporate Responsibility Report

2022 Corporate Responsibility Report

Learn about PNC's progress toward our commitments to all of our stakeholders.

2022 Corporate Responsibility Report