Corporate Responsibility

Our Approach to Corporate Responsibility

 At PNC, we are committed doing the right thing for our shareholders, customers, communities and employees. We do this work because it helps our stakeholders succeed, and because it helps our business succeed, and we continuously refine our strategies to address the changing needs of the various constituencies we serve.

2021 PNC Corporate Responsibility Report

2022 Corporate Responsibility Report

Learn about PNC's progress toward our commitments to all of our stakeholders.

2022 Corporate Responsibility Report

Delivering for Our Stakeholders

At PNC, we know our success largely depends on maintaining strong relationships with our stakeholders.

We seek to make decisions that balance the needs of our partners and everyone we serve. We also recognize that our business decisions must consider environmental, social, human rights and reputational risk factors. We strive to balance these considerations through our deep commitment to stakeholder engagement.


We innovate our products and services to better fit our customers’ needs.


We create financial opportunities for individuals, families and businesses.


We create an inclusive workplace for all PNC employees to thrive.  


We recognize that mitigating and minimizing risk are key components of creating value for our shareholders.

Managing Responsibly

At PNC, we’re committed to securing the trust of our stakeholders by managing our business with integrity, transparency and accountability.

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A strong foundation in governance helps drive our company’s success and positive reputation. Our board of directors is committed to high ethical standards and has ultimate oversight of PNC’s strategy, including corporate responsibility issues that are material to our business.

Corporate Governance

The board is deeply committed to corporate responsibility and maintains ultimate oversight of the company's strategy.

Bank Responsibly

We are guided by our Values and our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics to operate our business with the highest integrity and ethical standards


We expect our suppliers to demonstrate high standards of business conduct and integrity. Our Supplier Code of Conduct establishes expectations for suppliers regarting ethical business practices.

Political Standards

We advocate for the financial services industry and the broader business community.

Business Continuity

We know it's vital for our customers to have access to their finances. No matter what happens, safeguarding the availability of products and services for our customers is essential.

Building a Sustainable Future

As a main street bank, we believe that being part of the community means more than doing business. That’s why working to strengthen and serve our communities is at the heart of our business model.

PNC's Climate Action Strategy

PNC’s Climate Action Strategy, designed to set us on a pathway to finance the transition to a low-carbon economy.

Sustainable Operations

PNC is committed to continually setting and achieving ambitious carbon emissions, energy use, water use and renewable electricity goals, related to our own operational footprint.

Environmental & Social Risk Management

We leverage a consistent framework to manage existing and emerging risks across our operations.

Sustainable Finance

Supporting our clients’ sustainability goals is a key part of our Climate Action Strategy.

2023 PNC Corporate Responsibility Report

TCFD Progress Update

Learn how we are supporting business resilience to physical climate risk and the transition to a low-carbon economy.

TCFD Progress Update

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