Supplier Diversity Creates Better Business for All

A message from Bill Demchak, Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer

Building and maintaining relationships with a diverse supplier base is imperative for PNC as diverse suppliers increase our supply chain competitiveness, grow our customer base and provide PNC an advantage while bidding on new business opportunities.

PNC’s procurement practices are designed to identify diverse-owned businesses committed to delivering the service, quality and value that defines our brand; and promote the economic growth of the local business communities we serve.  

PNC's efforts to purchase value-added products and services from diverse-owned business enterprises, maintain a diverse supplier base and finally, to gain exposure to the varied perspectives, unique skills and innovative thinking that ultimately enhance our success and allow us to better serve our ever-evolving customer base.

Great companies bring together people with diverse points of view, backgrounds and experiences.

Diversity and inclusion are essential to developing innovative business solutions and delivering the best service to PNC’s customers and community. Our commitment to building a diverse and inclusive organization involves every member of our team and all aspects of our business. PNC’s commitment to diversity and inclusion reaches beyond our organizational walls and extends into the communities where we conduct business.

We understand that the viability, growth and expansion of local business economies are integrally linked to the success of small businesses and businesses owned, operated and controlled by minorities, women, veterans, members of the LGBTQ+ community and people with disabilities.

In conjunction with our team of dedicated Supply Chain Management sourcing professionals, the Supplier Diversity team partners with business, civic and trade organizations nationwide to identify opportunities for qualified suppliers. We maintain a supplier registration portal that gives our team access to nearly 6,000 small and diverse-owned businesses who provide an array of products and services including computer hardware, title and settlement services, commercial print, contingent labor, courier services, consulting, training, advertising and market research. We build rela­tionships with diverse-owned busi­nesses not only to meet our product and service needs, but to increase our competitiveness.

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