International Trade Services & Letters of Credit 

International Risk Mitigation for U.S. Importers and Exporters


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PNC Can Help Streamline your International Trade Transactions

Cross-border cash flows can be less predictable than domestic ones. In order to thrive internationally, you need to optimize working capital, manage risk, maximize cash flow and readily access liquidity in the face of complexity.

PNC can help you reach your goals with efficient, cost-effective trade services. We can help you improve liquidity with specialized credit programs and payment methods. We can also help you determine the best way for your company to conduct transactions, reduce payment and collection risk, and facilitate your transactions through one of PNC's various Trade products, including Letters of Credit and documentary Collections.

PNC Can Help Improve Importing & Exporting Performance

Services for Exporters

Increase Your Global Sales
PNC can advise, confirm and negotiate Export Letters of Credit to secure payments from almost anywhere in the world, helping you to reduce the payment risks associated with selling goods and services to unfamiliar overseas buyers.

Reduce the Risk of Nonpayment
When you ship goods overseas, PNC’s Export Documentary Collections service sends the title documents for the goods to a financial institution that is part of PNC’s global network of correspondent banks. This encourages buyers to adhere to agreed payment terms.

Services for Importers

Make Purchases with Confidence
To help reduce the risks associated with buying goods and services from abroad, PNC can issue an Import Letter of Credit to align the import shipments and documents with your specific terms and conditions.

Manage Documentation
PNC’s Import Documentary Collection service handles all inbound collections immediately and tracks them until payment is made.

PNC Can Help You Get The Most From Your International Trade Strategies

Optimize Working Capital

Trade Services can play an important role in helping you improve your treasury team’s international trade working capital strategy. PNC can help you to extend your payables and accelerate your receivables by advising you on the proper way to incorporate payment terms.

Improve Cash Flow & Access Liquidity

Trade services can help you make it easier to release cash back into your operating cycle and can be used to help buyers extend their payment terms, or alternatively help suppliers to accelerate their receivables. Managing your access to cash can help to increase your working capital and reduce your borrowing needs.

Obtain Strategic Support

If you are engaged in international trade, you are looking for the most cost effective and efficient way to make and receive international payments without incurring unnecessary risk, PNC's trade advisors can help you provide information on best practices.

Mitigate & Manage Risk

Whether you are buying or selling, PNC can help you navigate the additional risks that may be present when a company is involved in international trade transactions.


Grow International Sales

Trade services solutions can help you make it easier for foreign customers to purchase your goods and services, while helping you mitigate your company’s payment risks.

Select your Currency

Transacting business only in U.S. dollars can reduce your competitiveness and incur additional costs and risks. The right currency is key.

Take Advantage of PNC's Online Transaction & Reporting System

With a single sign-on to PINACLE®, PNC’s top-rated corporate online and mobile banking portal, you can access our Trade Services module to initiate transactions and automate reporting for all your letters of credit, documentary collections and acceptance transactions. This service can help you reduce the time and expense of managing paperwork.

PINACLE Trade Services Product Sheet

Learn more about PINACLE's International Services »


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