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Interest rates and energy pricing fluctuate, which could expose firms to risk and uncertainty. Utilizing derivatives can help mitigate these risks, depending on your risk tolerance and objectives. PNC’s experienced derivatives team will work with you in a consultative, relationship-based approach. We strive to build and deepen relationships through value-added discussions about the markets along with educating our clients about potential risks and strategies to manage those risks. 

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We have eight regional offices across our footprint, providing a presence throughout the U.S.

PNC has demonstrated expertise in multiple sectors including large- to small-sized businesses and specialty sectors like Asset-Based Lending; Equipment Finance; Real Estate; Energy, Metals and Mining; Utilities; Public Finance; Healthcare; and Financial Institutions.

Our Derivative Products

PNC’s team of derivative professionals consult with you to identify hedging solutions that make sense for your specific goals.

We also act as a counterparty, so you can leverage our strong balance sheet as a federally chartered bank. We lead derivative transactions and deliver participation and syndication strategies as a registered swap dealer with the CFTC.

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For more information about how Interest Rate Swaps work, please watch the video below.

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Canjes de tasa de interés

If you want rate and cash flow certainty, or you are concerned that rates will rise over the term of your financing, you could use a floating-to-fixed swap to convert your floating rate debt to a fixed rate obligation. 

An interest rate swap is an agreement between two parties to exchange a floating for a fixed rate for a specified dollar amount and certain period of time.

Interest Rate Caps

If you are exposed to rising interest rates, we can help reduce your exposure with utilizing an Interest Rate Cap.

An Interest Rate Cap is an agreement between the seller of the cap and a customer to limit the customer’s floating interest rate exposure to a specified level for a specified period of time.

Cross Currency Swaps

If you invest in one currency and finance in another, we can help reduce or eliminate your exposure to exchange risk with a Cross Currency Swap.

A Cross Currency Swap enables you to exchange interest payments – in some instances principal payments – in two different currencies, for a predetermined period.

Interest Rate Collar

An Interest Rate Collar is a contractual agreement that allows the customer to maintain a floating rate, with the knowledge that their rate will never rise or fall below a predefined range.
If you prefer a floating rate, but find the upfront cost of a cap to be prohibitive you might opt for a collar instead. With a collar, the customer finances the purchase of the cap by selling an interest rate floor. That floor works as a lower limit on the customer’s floating rate.

Interest Rate Swaptions

If you are exposed to floating interest rates on a future borrowing or investment, we can help reduce or eliminate your exposure with a swaption.

This option grants the holder the right, but not the obligation, to enter an interest rate swap at a specified fixed rate and notional amount within a predetermined period.

Commodity Derivatives

PNC’s commodity derivatives team provides C&IB clients with financial hedge solutions to address energy price exposures. We offer risk management products in natural gas, natural gas liquids, crude oil and refined crude markets.

Grupo de instituciones financieras 

Community banks often use interest rate derivative products to manage balance sheet sensitivities, lower funding costs, meet investment goals or express specific rate views. Interest rate swaps, caps and floors are potential tools for community banks to manage their balance sheet interest rate sensitivities.

PNC offers dedicated programs and offerings for financial institutions – Our PNC Fixed Interest Rate Swap Transaction (PNC FIRST) program is a comprehensive interest rate hedging program for financial institutions. It allows banks to use swaps with their commercial lending to price/structure their deals more competitively and manage their interest rate exposure.

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