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Solutions that go beyond

If you need to expand access to capital, mitigate risk, manage liquidity or require investment banking services, PNC’s capital markets capabilities can deliver comprehensive solutions that go beyond traditional financing.

PNC's Asset-Backed Finance group provides customized services focused on structuring, execution, placement and administration of securitization transactions. Through securitization, PNC can help your company to use your assets to obtain debt, equity or hybrid capital financing, improve liquidity, lower financing costs and diversify your overall capital structure.

PNC’s team of experienced professionals can help you navigate the markets, identify value and facilitate trades in all types of fixed income securities including taxable and municipal fixed income.

From simply initiating and paying for foreign exchange transactions via the Internet to obtaining foreign currency loans, transferring funds globally and hedging foreign exchange risk, PNC offers the tools and the experience to help you grow internationally.

PNC has the experience and expertise to effectively lead, structure, arrange, distribute and administer multi-bank credit facilities to help support your company's goals.

Harris Williams, an investment bank specializing in M&A advisory services, collaborates as one firm to advise and advocate for clients through critical milestones and during the lives of their business to strategically create value.

PNC's Public Finance Group offers a full suite of municipal debt-based structures and products. Higher education, K-12 schools, governments, charter schools, non-profit and cultural institutions, housing and redevelopment, and healthcare clients rely on PNC for underwriting, selling and trading municipal bonds enabling us to generate a positive impact on the communities we serve. PNC provides its clients throughout the U.S. comprehensive borrowing and financial management solutions. 

PNC delivers a broad array of public markets solutions, including high-yield and investment grade bonds, hybrid securities and tax-exempt industrial revenue products. Market knowledge, structuring expertise and strong execution are also part of our overall service to our clients. 

PNC can help you to access the long-term capital market by arranging fixed income, mezzanine and private equity placements structured for your growth and bottom-line targets.

In addition to managing foreign exchange risk, hedging tools can help you secure pricing and costs and potentially increase profits and reduce expenses. Interest rate swaps, swaptions, caps, floors, collars and other derivative products can provide the options you need to help you mitigate your interest rate risk.

Divulgaciones legales importantes e Información

Asignación de títulos rescatables. Es posible que tu cuenta contenga títulos “rescatables”, los cuales permiten al emisor volver a comprar o rescatar los títulos en una fecha específica. En caso de que el emisor realice el rescate o compra parcial de títulos, PNC Capital Markets LLC asignará los títulos que sean seleccionados para la compra entre sus clientes de manera justa e imparcial a través de un sistema de lotería aleatorio. Si tu cuenta contiene títulos rescatables que estén sujetos a un rescate o compra parcial, la probabilidad de que tus títulos sean seleccionados para compra es proporcional a los valores en cartera de todos los clientes de dichos títulos que PNC Capital Markets LLC mantiene al por mayor. Sin perjuicio de lo anterior, PNC Capital Markets LLC además garantizará la asignación equitativa de los títulos rescatables al excluirse a sí misma, al igual que a sus personas interesadas, del sistema de lotería cuando se realice el rescate conforme a términos que resulten favorables para PNC Capital Markets LLC, y se incluirá a sí misma, al igual que a sus personas interesadas, en el sistema de lotería cuando el rescate se realice conforme a términos que no resulten favorables para PNC Capital Markets LLC.

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