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What is OCIO?

An Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO) model enables an organization to delegate responsibility for the day-to-day management of its investment program. Específicamente, implica cambiar la responsabilidad de inversión discrecional de algunas o todas las funciones de inversión del propietario de los activos a un asesor de inversiones.

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Investment Philosophy & Core Beliefs

We believe markets can be inefficient and investment opportunities are ever changing. A thorough understanding of the past, combined with rigorous analysis of the present, gives us insight into the most probable future outcomes.


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How We Invest

Focused on Goals
Our process begins by understanding each client’s unique needs and objectives.

We build portfolios tailored to each client’s particular investment needs, restrictions, and values.

Deep Analysis
Robust quantitative analyses combined with strong qualitative research can generate meaningful insight not attainable by either method on its own, so we employ both to help derive the most optimal portfolio solutions for our clients.

Our Approach to Markets

Markets evolve, and portfolios need to adjust accordingly to generate superior returns.

Long-Term View
While markets are ever-changing, we believe patient investors can capitalize on proven long-term trends.

We seek to identify investment opportunities that are undervalued and/or mispriced by the market.

How We Construct Portfolios

Our strategy, manager research, and portfolio management teams work closely together to confirm that our best thinking is reflected in each investment decision.

Open Architecture
Our skilled due diligence team seeks opportunities in active and passive vehicles wherever they may be found – including investments offered by third parties, as well as targeted/customized in-house solutions where applicable.


Investors who know what they own and why they own it generally have greater conviction in their portfolios and get better results because they stay the course when markets are stressed.

We strive to be clear and set expectations up front so that investors have confidence in what they own.

Always with an Eye on Risk
There are many risks to worry about when investing: shortfall, volatility, unintended exposure, liquidity, and operational risks.

We employ a rigorous risk management framework monitoring all of these risks to help maximize the probability of reaching your goals.

Enterprise Investment Risk Management

When creating solutions for our clients, we utilize goals-based investment approach. For more information, please watch this video.

We're Globally Recognized for our Services:

top 20 OCIO managers award ribbon 

top 20 OCIO managers award ribbon

Specialized Services & Offerings

Our Solutions for Institutional Investors


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Entrevista en video: Tendencias de OCIO

El área de pensiones e inversiones entrevista a Chris McGoldrick, director general de OCIO Solutions, sobre las tendencias del modelo OCIO.

Video de 4:43 minutos

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