Community Benefits

For many years, our commitment to communities has helped guide our economic empowerment efforts. But we recognize that we must do more to help challenge systemic racism and drive change. We are committed to actively and consciously working toward equity with kindness, compassion and — most importantly — a clear sense of responsibility.

Investing in our Communities

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Launched on January 1, 2022, and scheduled for completion in 2025, the PNC Community Benefits Plan is our pledge to help drive that success through $88 billion in loans, investments and other financial support to bolster economic opportunity for low-to moderate-income (LMI) individuals, communities and people of color.

Plan Highlights

The plan builds on our long-standing commitment to economic empowerment by supporting key areas: 

  • $47 billion in residential mortgage financing and home lending 
  • $26.5 billion in small business loans 
  • $14.5 billion in community development lending and investments 
  • $500 million in charitable giving

Community Advisory Council

As part of our Community Benefits Plan, PNC convened a Community Advisory Council (CAC) to discuss areas of community need across our footprint and to create a platform that allows for dialogue with community partners. The CAC includes 18 community leaders from across PNC’s footprint. This council helps address LMI community needs and assists in the implementation of PNC’s Community Benefits Plan.

Our Approach to Corporate Responsibility

We’re committed to doing the right thing for our shareholders, customers, communities and employees.




Community Benefits Plan Update

Learn more about our recent progress toward this initiative.

Expanding Financial Access for Small Business

Consistent with PNC’s efforts to reduce barriers to banking and increase access to credit, we have deepened our commitment to small business by collaborating enterprise-wide to help deliver financial solutions that position LMI, minority-owned and micro (less than $1 million in annual revenues) businesses for effective growth, development and sustainability.

Our Minority Business Development Group helps deliver products, solutions and resources that advance financial wellness for emerging minority businesses. PNC’s Certified Minority Business Advocate (cMBA) program, is an internal advocacy component of the Minority Business Development Group. 

In alignment with our Community Benefits Plan, we committed to increase spending with diverse suppliers by a minimum of 20 percent.

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2023 Corporate Responsibility Report

2023 Corporate Responsibility Report

Learn about PNC's progress toward our commitments to all of our stakeholders.

2023 Corporate Responsibility Report