Priority Issues
& Stakeholder Engagement

Defining our Priority Issues

Managing our corporate responsibility priority issues is key to identifying and mitigating risks and leveraging our opportunities, both today and in the future.

Part of our business success lies in identifying and properly managing our risks while also leveraging our opportunities. That’s why we continued to focus our efforts and voluntary disclosures on areas that matter most to our stakeholders and business. PNC works with an independent agency to formally identify these priority issues. Through a comprehensive assessment that analyzes the perspectives and interests of our external and internal stakeholders, we identified seven priority issues:

  • Information security
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Talent management and engagement
  • Environmental and social risk management 
  • Customer privacy
  • Ethics and compliance
  • Financial access and inclusion

As part of our corporate responsibility strategy, we assess our stakeholders’ priority issues through a comprehensive materiality assessment once every two to three years. The resulting set of priority issues informs PNC’s external corporate responsibility commitments, stakeholder engagement strategy, and the design and implementation of tools, processes and frameworks that help us to integrate our values throughout our overall business.


Listening to our Stakeholders

Our success largely depends on strong relationships with our stakeholders.

At PNC, we know our success largely depends on maintaining strong relationships with our stakeholders. We seek to make decisions that balance the needs of our partners and everyone we serve. We also recognize that our business decisions must consider environmental, social, human rights and reputational risk factors. We strive to balance these considerations through our deep commitment to stakeholder engagement.

We regularly meet with individuals, community organizations, investors, customers, suppliers and employees to discuss issues of mutual interest and importance. In addition, we regularly monitor media coverage and social media conversations to track stakeholder interests and concerns as well as the overall health of our brand. This not only allows us to get a better understanding of our stakeholders’ public concerns but also gives us the opportunity to create trust by improving our brand’s reputation in the regions we serve.

We strategically affiliate with groups and coalitions that share a similar vision and values, and who help us to manage existing and emerging risks and opportunities.

2021 PNC Corporate Responsibility Report

2021 Corporate Responsibility Report

Learn how we continue to progress against our corporate responsibility priorities and targets and our goals.

2021 Corporate Responsibility Report