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Finanzas públicas

Delivering credit, treasury management, capital markets and investment management services to clients in the public and nonprofit sectors


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Finanzas públicas

Providing treasury management, credit, derivative products, and investment management services through PNC Bank, National Association and capital markets products through PNC Capital Markets LLC (PNCCM), to clients in the public and nonprofit sectors.



Benefit from Nationwide, Client-Centered Support


Why are we different?

The PNC Public Finance Group is uniquely organized to deliver both traditional bank products through PNC Bank, National Association and capital market solutions through PNC Capital Markets LLC. Our holistic approach is organized around client, not products. Offered solutions reflect our team’s collaboration, best practices of our clients and our deep understanding of the public finance industry and its changing landscape. We strive to identify opportunities for our clients to embrace technology and efficiency in their day- to- day banking operations and PNC’s relationship managers and capital markets team work to solve even the most complex debt structures. Our seamless transaction execution combined with our financial product offerings are reasons to make PNC your financial partner.

Our regional approach to doing business provides us with a keen understanding of the local and national economic factors affecting each client. We are responsible and professional; we care about our clients' success and the success of the communities they serve, wherever they are in the United States.

PNC’s Public Finance group is committed to serving the financial needs of the public sector from state and local governments, school districts and transportation authorities to institutions of higher education and nonprofit organizations.

Work with a Financial Leader

PNC Bank, National Association combines the strength of a large national institution with the community focus of a Main Street bank.

PNC Bank, National Association has committed over $20 billion[1] to governments, nonprofits and higher education institutions through balance sheet tools including loans, direct purchases, lines and letters of credit, stand-by bond purchase agreements and other structures to support the capital and operating needs of public finance entities across our footprint. PNC brings a targeted delivery model based on the organization of credit products and risk teams around specific client sectors.

In 2022, PNCCM provided bond underwriting and investment banking services for 232 municipal bond issuances with principal totaling over
$19.4 billion. PNCCM served as lead or sole manager on 110 municipal securities transactions with a par amount in excess of $3.8 billion. As of 1ro de agosto de 2023, PNCCM also maintains a remarketing book consisting of 119 variable rate issues, with an aggregate principal amount of approximately $3.6 billion[1]. These issues consist of various modes, including daily, weekly, monthly, and semiannual.

Our credit commitments combined with our investment banking issuances ranks us among the largest and most active public finance firms in the nation.

PNC Bank, National Association


#1 Overall Satisfaction

with Relationship Manager and Innovation in Products & Services

(2021 Greenwich Excellence Awards
for Middle Market Banking)

  • 2021 Greenwich Excellence Awards for U.S. Middle Market Banking
    • #1 Overall Client Satisfaction among Lead Relationships 
      • Our Relationship Managers are ranked #1 in the following categories:
        • #1 - Prompt Follow-Up on Requests
        • #1 - Proactively Provides Advice
        • #1 - Effectively Coordinates Product Specialists
        • #1 - Understanding of Your Industry
      • Our Treasury Management Platform is ranked #1 in the following Cash Management categories:
        •  Innovation in Products and Services
        • #1 Accuracy of Operations
        • #1 Customer Service Professional
        • #1 Overall Digital Experience

Access a Variety of Funding Mechanisms

Derivative structures such as caps, floors, collars, swaps, swaptions and forwards through PNC Bank, National Association.

We offer a wide variety of municipal debt-based structures and products through PNC Capital Markets LLC:

  • Tax-exempt and taxable fixed rate bonds
  • Variable rate and multi-modal bonds
  • Certificates of participation

Bank on Our Sector Expertise

We’ve structured successful deals in many sectors of the public finance market. That means we know a great deal about your business, too. Our clients include:

  • Higher Education: Public and private colleges and universities, technical colleges
  • Major Governments: State governments and agencies, major cities and counties and associated agencies, major transportation agencies, utilities, airports, sports facilities
  • Local Governments: Smaller counties, cities, towns, townships, boroughs, water and sewer authorities, school districts, tax increment financing (TIF) districts
  • Schools: School districts, charter schools, private, independent or religious secondary schools and other educational institutions
  • Entidades sin fines de lucro: National, regional and community-based charitable and research foundations, associations and service organizations and affiliates
  • Housing and Redevelopment: State and local housing finance issuers as well as direct lending, tax credit capital and syndication for housing and redevelopment projects
  • Corporate and Economic Development: Taxable and tax-exempt industrial development or manufacturing issues and special issuance structures

Ideas y perspectivas

Read about recent transactions and the latest industry trends from PNC’s Public Finance group.

Obtener perspectivas sobre el mercado

El nuevo campus trae nuevas oportunidades para los estudiantes de Escuelas Públicas de KIPP Miami

PNC Capital Markets LLC y Finanzas Públicas de PNC ayudaron a obtener financiamiento para hacer realidad el nuevo campus del norte de Miami del Distrito de Escuelas Públicas de KIPP Miami.

Lectura de 2 minutos

Obtener perspectivas sobre el mercado

Panorama de PNC para 2024: Finanzas públicas

Las tasas de interés más altas están cambiando la forma en que los gobiernos, las instituciones de educación superior y las organizaciones sin fines de lucro gestionan sus balances generales.

Lectura de 3 minutos

Recaudar capital

PNC comercializa exitosamente un pagaré de $76.5 millones mientras golpea la COVID-19

Los beneficios de una relación a largo plazo apoyaron a un cliente en momentos complicados.

Lectura de 2 minutos

Representative Transactions

Port Improvement Revenue Bonds and Credit Facility






Direct Placement






VRDB Refunding





Carolina del Norte

Series 2017/2018 B Tax and Revenue Anticipation Note






General Obligation Bonds






Series 2017 Certificates of Participation












Interest Rate Swap Novation






Bank Loan






Rob Dailey

 Executive Vice President and
Head of Public Finance

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To request more information for a specific financing need, provide the details below. Todos los campos son obligatorios.

  1. Al 1ro de agosto de 2023

Institutional use only.

Asignación de títulos rescatables Es posible que tu cuenta contenga títulos “rescatables”, los cuales permiten al emisor volver a comprar o canjear los títulos en una fecha específica. En el caso de un canje o de una demanda de títulos por parte del emisor, PNC Capital Markets LLC asignará los títulos que sean seleccionados para compra entre sus clientes de manera justa e imparcial a través de un sistema de lotería aleatoria. Si tu cuenta contiene títulos rescatables que estén sujetos a un canje o compra parcial, la probabilidad de que tus títulos sean seleccionados para compra es proporcional a los valores en cartera de todos los clientes de dichos títulos que PNC Capital Markets LLC mantiene al por mayor. Sin perjuicio de las declaraciones anteriores, PNC Capital Markets LLC además garantizará la asignación equitativa de los títulos rescatables al excluirse a sí misma al igual que a sus personas interesadas del sistema de lotería cuando se realice el canje conforme a términos que resulten favorables para PNC Capital Markets LLC, y se incluirá a sí misma al igual que a sus personas interesadas en el sistema de lotería cuando el canje se realice conforme a términos que no resulten favorables para PNC Capital Markets LLC.

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