Treasury Management Solutions
for Healthcare Payers

Products, services and advice to help you increase member satisfaction, maximize working capital, streamline administrative processes, mitigate financial risk and access capital for investment and growth.

Claim Payments & Remittances (CPR)


Help eliminate the administrative burden of managing multiple systems to support the funding, distribution and reconciliation of your claim payments and remittances. CPR can provide:

• A single solution for funding and disbursing all claim payments
  and remittances to your providers.

• Delivery of payments by EFT, check or virtual credit card and
  associated remittance information based on your payment file.

• Acceleration of electronic adoption based on our vast database
  of provider payment and remittance delivery preferences.


• Management of all associated payment exceptions.

• Simplified workflow with the support tools housed within CPR’s
  payer portal.

• 1099 reporting.

Healthcare Receivables

Help accelerate collections from your policyholders with secure, efficient tools and services that can include:

• Payment capabilities within your existing web portal.

• Integration into most accounting systems.

• The ability to consolidate check, cash and electronic payments
  into one stream.

• Lockbox capabilities to help speed collections.

• Optimization of remittance documents.

• Outsourced print and mail capabilities.

• Invoice centralization and automation.

Automated collection of policyholder payments. PNC can print and mail premium notices or present them electronically.


Lockbox Network

Help simplify your accounts receivable administration nationwide and maximize your cash flow with our retail and wholesale lockbox solutions:

• Consolidate each form of
  payment into a single
  accounts receivable file that
  fully reconciles to your bank
  and provides member

• Build a better workflow to
  handle both solicited and
  unsolicited provider refunds.

• Get up-to-the-minute data
  on funds availability.

Automatización de cuentas por cobrar

Help accelerate collections from the following stakeholders with secure, efficient, and integrated solutions:

• Individual members

• Medicare members

• Fully insured groups

• Self-insured groups

• Provide refunds 

Electronic Bill
Presentment & Payment

Help simplify and consolidate electronic bill payments and collections, securely present your bills online and allow your policyholders to make payments electronically:

• Collect incoming payments
  that have been initiated by
  your policyholders using
  different bill payment
  platforms or various
  financial institutions.

• Enable your policy holders
  to securely view and pay
  their premiums online with
  your own branded website.

• Automate the collection of
  policyholder payments with
  a single transmission,
  helping reduce the number
  of check and list remittances
  you receive.


PNC received 2022 Greenwich Best In Class Awards
for Cash Management, Onboarding, Digital Channels,
and Product, Service, & Operations

Healthcare Payables


Improve the efficiency of your payment systems to reduce costs and improve the bottom line:

• Streamline invoice processing and move payments from
  paper to electronic processes.

• Enable, fast secure payments with services that include
  ePayments and RTP®, The Clearing House’s real-time
  payments system and fraud mitigation tools.

• Improve your member experience and reduce cost by
  electronically delivering claim, wellness credit, refund,
  and/or Medical Loss Ratio (MLR) payments.

• Reduce disbursement cost and risk.

• Tighten control over spending and payments.

• Simplify your A/P process from procurement to payment
  using A/P Advantage to review, adjust and approve invoices.

• Transform your payables management process to maximize
  value and achieve an optimum payment mix with
  PNC’s Payables Advantage.


Card Solutions

Help improve management of spending, reduce back-office expenses, mitigate risk and boost bottom-line results. With industry-leading technology and comprehensive support, PNC offers a full array of commercial card solutions.

Explore our Card Solutions »


PNC Healthcare served

4,000 Healthcare Treasury Management clients

en 2022

Reportes de información

Access your cash position, make payments and transfer money 24/7. PNC delivers a streamlined online banking experience through PINACLE®, PNC’s top-rated online and mobile banking portal.

• Access to your accounts easily, whenever you need to. 

• Make payments and transfer money, anytime and anywhere, from your desktop,
  tablet or mobile device.

• Confidently initiate and approve wire transfers wherever you are.


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