Supporting Diverse Customers

To succeed as a national main street bank, our team must reflect the diverse customers we serve and the communities across the country in which we work and live. At the same time, we must foster a culture of inclusion in which all employees and customers can feel welcomed, valued and respected.

 Supporting Customers through Regional Diversity & Inclusion Councils

Our Regional D&I Councils are a key part of our financial access and inclusion efforts. These councils work closely with employees, customers, community members and suppliers to ensure that we are best serving our increasingly diverse communities.

Brilliantly Supporting All of Our Stakeholders

We strive to manage our business responsibly and to do right by all our constituents. We make fact-based decisions guided by our established risk appetite and by what is in the best interests of our customers, our employees, our communities and our shareholders. 

Supporting a Multi-lingual Customer Base

As our diverse customer base grows, particularly in new markets, we provide a wide range of services to make our solutions accessible to bilingual and non-English speakers — including live interpretation and translation, bilingual retail employees in many branches and customer service teams, and localized webpages and educational resources. In addition, we have Video Banking Machines (VBMs) offering Spanish speaking capabilities.

Language Support

Learn more about resources available in multiple languages to help you understand and use PNC's products and services.

Serving Customers with Disabilities

As part of our mission to empower prosperity for our stakeholders, we have focused our efforts on building accessibility into our products and services.

Better serving our customers who live with disabilities means more than understanding their needs. It means working with them to ensure that our products and services are easy to use and reviewing our processes for making accommodations so that we can constantly improve experiences with our website, mobile apps and branch locations. By working with these customers, we’ve designed our video banking machines (VBMs) with an on-screen chat function to communicate with a live consultant. We recognize that the success of our accessibility programs and initiatives for our customers is determined by the support of our employees. Our goal is to ensure that employees can participate in creating solutions for our customers by leveraging the latest in digital innovations.


Accessible Banking

Empowering our customers with disabilities.

Accelerating Financial Equality for Women & Minority Entrepreneurs

Consistent with PNC’s efforts to reduce barriers to banking and increase access to credit, we have deepened our commitment to small business by collaborating enterprise-wide to help deliver financial solutions that position low- to moderate-income (LMI), minority-owned and micro (less than $1 million in annual revenues) businesses for effective growth and development.

PNC’s Minority Business Development Group (MBDG) delivers products and solutions and resources that advance financial wellness for emerging minority businesses. The MBDG helps prepare these businesses for effective growth and development by leveraging innovative technology and financial solutions to empower, educate and accelerate their success.

PNC’s Certified Minority Business Advocate (cMBA) program is an internal advocacy component of the Minority Business Development Group. This voluntary training program is available to PNC employees interested in supporting minority business decision-makers. This certificate program helps our employees understand the unique challenges of diverse businesses and supports the PNC brand purpose — leveraging the power of our resources to help all move forward financially. cMBAs serve as local PNC ambassadors, strengthening community engagement through volunteerism, mentorship and technical support, and be empowered to educate and guide these business owners toward valuable community resources.

PNC’s commitment to helping all move forward financially is also reflected in our dedicated Women’s Business Development team. Women’s Business Development provides insights, tools and resources to support bankers in meeting the needs of women financial decision-makers.

Women’s Business Advocates 

On the frontline of this work are thousands of PNC-Certified Women’s Business Advocates (WBAs) who offer the allyship women seek by striving to ask the right questions, create the right networks and provide the right resources. 

PNC Project 257®

PNC’s 20-year track record of supporting women financial decision-makers is also reflected in our initiative to help close the economic gender gap, Project 257®: Accelerating Women’s Financial Equality, was inspired by research saying that, at the current pace of progress, it would still take women another 257 years to catch up to men economically. PNC is undertaking a multitude of activities within the bank and in the communities we serve to positively impact some of the biggest drivers of the gap, such as women’s unequal access to credit and underrepresentation in the workforce. 

Each of PNC’s 54 Regional President markets includes a Women’s Business Development “Market Champion” who is designated by their respective regional president to lead efforts to bring Project 257 to life in their market by demonstrating the bank’s commitment as an advocate for women. In addition, an enterprise-wide Project 257 Task Force was established to identify and catalog accomplishments, plans and opportunities to accelerate women’s financial equality. 

For more information on how we are pursuing economic equality for women and the opportunities we are creating for underrepresented groups, visit Women in Business.

For more information on how we serve our diverse customers, visit Diversity & Inclusion or visit our Corporate Responsibility page to see how we are making progress on this topic through our Community Benefits plan.

Women in Business

Resources for women financial decision-makers.