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Business Succession Planning Solutions at PNC

Expert advice, insight and implementation for your transition plan

PNC's experienced team can offer you the knowledge and guidance to help determine the transition plan that best suits your business – including sales to family or management, financial or strategic buyers, an ESOP or an IPO.

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Choosing and Implementing the Right Succession Plan

Si es como la mayoría de los propietarios de empresas, la necesidad de hacer una transición en su empresa siempre está en su mente. Pero, ¿por dónde empezar? PNC puede encaminarlo hacia el éxito al a guiarlo a través de un proceso eficiente y organizado de descubrimiento e implementación. Podemos asesorarlo con objetividad sobre las opciones de transición de la propiedad y sobre cómo integrar de forma íntegral sus dinámicas y objetivos empresariales y personales.

Together, we’ll address questions like these:

¿Cómo debo hacer la transición de mi empresa?

There are many alternatives available to you when looking to transition your business. The approach that is appropriate for your business depends on a variety of personal and business objectives.

¿Cuándo debo hacer la transición de mi empresa?

Competitive dynamics, capital market conditions, the attractiveness and readiness of your business, as well as personal, shareholder and stakeholder objectives will all help determine when you should transition your business.

¿Cuál es el valor de mi empresa?

Numerous factors can impact the valuation of your company, both operational and financial. Avoid valuation traps. Meeting with advisors/professionals early in your planning process can help to identify opportunities to maximize the value of your company.

¿Cómo puedo diseñar, implementar y comunicar mi plan a mi familia?

Los propietarios de empresas deben determinar las ventajas y las desventajas de las opciones de transición disponibles, así como las implicaciones financieras. La comunicación es clave.

PNC’s Business Succession Planning Solutions

Powerful M&A Advice for Middle Market

PNC offers M&A and private capital advisory services through Harris Williams, a global investment bank. Clients worldwide rely on Harris Williams to help unlock value in their business and turn ambitious goals into reality.

Equity Capital Markets Advisory & Investor Relations and Corporate Communications Services

Solebury Capital is a premier Equity Capital Markets advisory firm providing independent transaction management services to management teams and owners.

Solebury Strategic Communications is a well-established Investor Relations and Corporate Communications firm, offering a wide range of services to both private and public companies across multiple industries.

Relationship-Based ESOP Expertise

We understand the complexities and opportunities that ESOPs present and take them into account to assist you in creating appropriate solutions at every stage of your ESOP.  

Managing Wealth Now and for Future Generations

PNC Private Bank℠ clients are connected to a team of experienced financial professionals with specialized knowledge to help you meet your goals. 

The Succession Planning Team

Our team of private business strategists strives to build owners a successful bridge from running their business to a rewarding retirement.

We coordinate with your PNC Relationship Manager and advisors to develop strategic financial plans for how and when it’s best to transition your business while attaining financial peace of mind.

PNC then works with you and your team to identify and prioritize your objectives and develops tailored solutions to help achieve them.

Podemos ayudarte a:

  • Anticipate changes in your business and personal life
  • Identify gaps between current and optimal planning
  • Set an action agenda
  • Create efficiency, harmony and a seamless transition for your business and shareholder wealth

The PNC team offers experience and expertise to help you plan:

  • Business succession
  • Short- and long-term strategies
  • Corporate finance
  • Executive compensation and incentives
  • Entity, tax, buy-sell and valuation
  • Employee Stock Ownership Plans
  • Mergers and acquisitions, shareholder consolidation and mediation

The team’s individual personal financial planning skills include:

  • Inversión
  • Flujo de caja
  • Protección de activos
  • Insurance, tax, estate and philanthropic planning1
  • Family dynamics, governance, mediation and communication


PNC’s private business strategists have devoted most of their careers to providing broad and deep business advisory and personal financial planning for private and family-owned businesses.

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1. Estate planning considerations are discussed only in conjunction with a client’s attorney, accountant, and/or other business advisors.

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