Community Development Banking

We aim to improve quality of life and bring economic empowerment and vibrancy to our communities.

We're Offering a Helping Hand in Our Neighborhood

We take our relationships with community organizations seriously. Our Community Development Banking group is comprised of 80+ dedicated employees who work to boost the quality of life in low and moderate-income neighborhoods through financial education, consumer products, community development lending, investing and economic development.

Through leadership, technical know-how, strategic investments, community development loans and employee volunteerism, PNC is helping to build strong communities and create financial opportunities for individuals, families and businesses alike. At PNC, we're committed to affordable housing, community service, neighborhood revitalization and economic development.

Our community development banking team also works to align community organizations with PNC Foundation grants and Charitable Sponsorships in order to help bring their vibrant visions to life.

Bill Demchak, PNC Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer
The strength of our company is largely dependent upon the strength of the communities where our customers and our employees live and work. That's why our company and our employees invest time, energy and resources to support efforts that improve quality of life and bring economic and cultural vibrancy to the communities where we operate.

Bill Demchak, PNC Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer

Our Lending, Investing & Banking Services

Our Portfolio Includes:

$1 Billion

in loans & Investments
for affordable housing, economic development and community service projects.

Loans & Investments

For those who dream of building a better community, we respond with financing solutions that meet your needs.

We provide loans and investments to parties that develop and build affordable housing* and community facilities**. These parties include community development financial institutions, community development organizations, for-profit developers, faith-based organizations and any group serving low and moderate-income individuals and communities. We can also assist groups in working with government agencies and locating other sources for technical, financial or investment support.

Our innovative lending and investment products include:

  • Traditional real estate lending with flexible terms
  • Lines of credit to nonprofit organizations for housing acquisition and rehabilitation
  • Debt associated with various tax credit programs
  • Tax-exempt bond financing
  • Various state and federal tax credit programs
  • Community development credit union deposits
  • Letters of credit for bond financing
  • CRA Qualified Opportunity Zone Projects

Banking Services

Foundation Checking

Our Foundation Checking is available to customers opening new accounts that are entering or re-establishing themselves in the banking system.
To learn more, please speak with one of our banking representatives.

PNC Bank Bank On Certification Logo

Foundation Checking is Bank On certified- meeting account standards for a safe and affordable bank account

*PNC provides financing to public and private developers to build and rehabilitate affordable rental and for-sale housing.
**PNC assists nonprofit organizations with financing to upgrade their operations and provide a range of investments and alternative lending services.


PNC Mortgage offers a full range of products to help make the dream of homeownership real, with special programs for first-time and low-moderate income buyers.[1]

Small Business Loans

PNC Business Banking offers a variety of lending solutions to small businesses, including those in low to moderate income neighborhoods.

Savings & VITA Support Programs

PNC School Bank is a youth savings program grounded in a school-branch alliance that helps children build savings accounts with integrated financial education and an introduction to banking careers. PNC also supports the administration of Individual Development Account (IDA) programs offered by non-profit organizations to help low and moderate income families achieve savings to buy a first home or attend school. Through an alliance with the IRS, PNC offers prepaid Visa debit cards, check cashing and financial education to clients of free Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) sites.


An Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) account is a tax-advantaged savings account for individuals with disabilities, providing a new way to save, invest, and pay for qualified disability expenses. In most cases, eligible individuals can save without losing eligibility for certain means-tested benefit programs like Medicaid and Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

The ABLEnow program is offered by the Virginia College Savings Plan and PNC Bank supports the program in its role as Custodian.

Financial Education

Building a Stronger Foundation

We believe every decision is a financial decision, and our mission is to give you the confidence, information and tools you need to make informed financial decisions that help you achieve your goals. That's why financial education is a key part of our commitment to our customers and the communities we serve. Whether you're getting started for the first time or want to refresh your skills, we can help you discover how to manage your finances and future.

Live Workshops: Throughout our service areas, PNC's trained professionals provide free financial education seminars on topics like building good credit, financing a home, raising money-smart kids and more. Many of these seminars are available in both English and Spanish.

View Our Catalogue of Seminars & Learn More

Between 2019-2020, We Held:


Financial Education Classes

Reaching More Than:



Online Resources:

  • Foundations of Money Management is an online course, available in both English and Spanish. Users learn financial essentials like how to deposit a check and use an ATM. The certificate of completion ensures eligibility for our Foundation Checking account.

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Southern Indiana
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(312) 384-8277

Central & Northern New Jersey
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Cleveland, Columbus, Akron & Toledo
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