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Private Pension Plans

We provide plan sponsors with bundled, discretionary investment management, custody and pension payment solutions.

Service Highlights

Our customized approach and focus on client-specific solutions add value for our clients and their plans.

Discretionary Execution

  • Serve as 3(38) investment manager under ERISA
  • Develop strategic asset allocations
  • Evaluate and maintain an open architecture platform of industry-leading managers
  • Provide ongoing portfolio monitoring, acting quickly to implement strategic and tactical shifts as opportunities arise

More than "Just" Investment Management

  • Custody/safekeeping of plan assets
  • Integrated cash movement, benefit payments, tax withholding and reporting
  • Customized fixed income portfolio solutions
  • Timely guidance on governance and fiduciary structure, including the Investment Policy Statement (IPS)

Credentialed Resources

  • Help plan sponsors meet their goals and objectives
  • Conduct asset liability studies
  • Develop customized financial plans for pensions
  • Work alongside the plan’s independent actuary to provide relevant thought leadership



  • Customizable packages available for reporting to help committees stay current on what matters
  • Quarterly asset liability reports and monthly funded status updates included
  • Transparent institutional fee structure with no hidden costs

Financial Planning for Pensions

We provide our clients with the option to implement de-risking strategies for their plans to address the volatility of their plan’s financials. At a high level, our liability-centric approach is designed to help create a smoother path to full funding by managing assets relative to liabilities. We follow a five-step approach to liability-centric management.

Goals and Objectives 

Optimized Glidepath 

Asset-Liability Study 

Custom Liability Hedging 

Monitoring/ Rebalancing 


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Revisión del mercado de pensiones – Cuarto trimestre de 2023

PNC Institutional Asset Management ofrece perspectivas y resúmenes sobre el mercado de pensiones para el cuarto trimestre de 2023.

Lectura de 3 minutos

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Foco de atención en el riesgo de pensiones

Llamadas clave a la acción para 2024

Lectura de 3 minutos

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Lidiando con los desafíos de hoy en día con soluciones de inversión subcontratadas

Muchos inversionistas institucionales están buscando mejores formas de alcanzar sus objetivos de inversión mientras controlan el riesgo y manejan los costos.

Lectura de 6 minutos


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