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Bank of Delware

Since the acquisition of the Bank of Delaware in 1988, PNC has upheld the high standard for statewide service set by its predecessor bank. Founded as a state bank in 1795 to promote the economic interests of the entire state, the Bank of Delaware has a richly-documented history.

The artifacts presented here provide some insight into the contributions of the state bank that became the largest commercial and consumer lender in Delaware.

Two First Presidents Meeting | March 22, 1791
Bank of Delaware

President George Washington met Joseph Tatnall, widely considered the first industrialist in Delaware and first president of the Bank of Delaware, to thank him for supplying foodstuffs to the troops during the Revolution. The bank commissioned this historical rendering by Robert Goodier to celebrate the 350th anniversary of the state of Delaware in 1988. PNC commissions paintings annually as part of the holiday arts series that provide seasonal depictions of state landmarks.

Label $10,000 Check Written to George Washington | 1796
Bank of Delaware

This check drawn on the Bank of Delaware is equivalent to $135,000 in current money and signed by John Adams. His identity remains elusive, but it is known that he never served as U.S. vice president or president.

Courtesy of the Odessa Historical Foundation

Stock Certificate | 1800
Bank of Delaware

Most early nineteenth-century banks did not issue stock. As a state bank, the Bank of Delaware sold stock giving investors from all over the state a stake in its fortunes

Check Written by Gunpowder Manufacturer | 1802
Bank of Delaware

E.I. Dupont de Nemours, the founder of the gunpowder mill from which DuPont Chemical emerged, demonstrates the Bank of Delaware's connection to the early industrial concerns of the state.

Kennett Turnpike Company Dividend Payment | 1814
Bank of Delaware

Bank of Delaware encouraged investments in the turnpike companies that built roads necessary for commercial success, including the Kennett Turnpike (now Route 52).

State of Condition | 1854
New Castle County Bank

By the 1850s, banks began to record their assets, including deposits in correspondent banks, on a daily basis. This bank, located in Odessa, Delaware, reported total assets of $54,600 at its opening.

Charter | 1865
First National Bank of Seaford

A group of planters met at Colbourn's Hotel to establish a national bank in Seaford and elected the state Governor William Cannon (term ended March 1, 1865) as its president.

Advertisement Touting New Computers | 1961
Bank of Delaware

One of the first banks to computerize their accounting systems, Bank of Delaware advertised the speed and accuracy of their operations and contracted with local businesses who wanted to use computerized systems.

Common Wealth Awards Presentation | 1983
Bank of Delaware

David McMillan (center), Bank of Delaware president, presented the fifth annual Common Wealth Award to Jessica Tandy (left) and Hume Cronyn (right) for distinguished service in the Dramatic Arts. For more than three decades PNC has administered this award, presented by the Common Wealth Fund, recognizing heads of state, scientists and inventors, explorers, authors, performing artists and activists.

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