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For insurance organizations today, managing investments that include multiple long-term asset pools that support a variety of product and distribution segments is more demanding than ever. Meeting performance expectations while minimizing risk and satisfying regulatory, corporate governance, and ratings-agency requirements is a constant challenge.

PNC Institutional Asset Management® delivers the proven insurance industry experience to help you achieve your investment goals so that you can focus on moving your organization forward.

Our dedicated professionals have built partnerships with the full range of insurance organizations, including:  

  • Life
  • Salud
  • Property and casualty
  • Reinsurance
  • Captives
  • Fraternal insurance companies


A Customized Approach That Sets Us Apart

Because one solution does not meet the needs of every client, we take a consultative, holistic approach that is focused on your unique situation.

Through close collaboration, we gain an in-depth understanding of your organization, create an unbiased solution that is tailored to your specific goals, and provide customizable reporting tools. We understand that your needs vary significantly and may include asset liability management, operating income needs, portfolio yield targets, tax considerations, product development, and/or Enterprise Financial Modeling (EFM). Our approach leverages the knowledge and experience of specialized teams that work together to customize your solution:

Investment Strategy Team

Delivers up-to-date insight through proprietary research publications, white papers, market outlooks and topical market commentary. Factors in regulatory and investment policy considerations when recommending modifications.

Portfolio Management Team

Utilizes the asset allocation recommendations of Asset Management Group (AMG) to develop and manage institutional portfolios, and constructs and recommends derivatives-based approaches to implement strategic, tactical, or hedging strategies.

Manager Research and Product Management Team  

Provides third-party investment manager selection and monitoring services, with dedicated professionals to provide operational due diligence across traditional and alternative managers.


premio a los 20 principales gerentes OCIO

Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO)

Providing custom solutions to institutional investors for 75+ years.

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Market Updates

At PNC, we understand the importance of helping you stay on top of the latest developments and trends in the capital markets. In addition to evaluating these trends as part of your portfolio review, we provide regular updates:

Panorama del mercado global

Highlights key economic and market-moving news around the world as well as actionable insights for all investors.

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Observación del mercado semanal

Gives a recap of the previous week’s economic and market activity along with PNC’s perspective on the U.S. and international markets.

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Informes económicos

Provides analyses and forecasts of national, regional, and global economic and financial trends.

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Seminario web sobre perspectivas de planes de contribuciones definidas: Actualización sobre regulaciones y litigios de 2023

PNC Institutional Asset Management y Morgan Lewis analizan los desarrollos actuales de la industria que afectan los planes de contribuciones definidas.

Video de 55:56 minutos

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Crear una cartera que le ayude a alcanzar sus metas

Una cartera de inversión personalizada es una parte integral de alcanzar sus metas financieras generales y hacer crecer sus activos. Por eso ofrecemos a los clientes una cartera de inversión a la medida, en lugar de un enfoque universal.

Lectura de 2 minutos

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Las cinco C de la administración de pensiones

Analizaremos cómo la estructura de las 5 C puede ayudar a los patrocinadores de los planes a determinar si un proveedor de inversiones satisface las necesidades de su plan de beneficios definidos.

Lectura de 3 minutos


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