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Investment Planning Overview

Wherever you are on your journey to retirement, we can help you to expand your knowledge-base and invest with confidence.


Calculate how much you may need for retirement, college savings and protecting your loved ones.


Have you created a budget to help you determine how much you’ll need for your future goals whether that’s retirement or saving for a child’s college education?


Work with our tools and calculators to help plan for your future goals.

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Tools & Calculators

Tool of the Month

Retirement Calculator

Do you know what you need to plan for retirement?

Use our tools and guides to learn the basics.

Budget Worksheet

Have you created a budget that includes investing for retirement?

Investment Basics

Want to understand basic investing knowledge?

Retirement Planning Guide

Do you know what you need to plan for retirement?

Then, use our calculators to assess your situation and find out what you'll need.

Emergency Fund Calculator

Do you know how much you need to have set aside for emergencies?

College Saving Calculator

How much should you be saving for college tuition?

Millionaire Calculator

How much do you need to invest to become a millionaire?

Life Insurance Calculator

How much life insurance do you need?

FAQs from PNC Investments

What is an IRA?

The two main types of IRAs are Traditional and Roth IRAs. Traditional IRAs allow you to make a tax-deferred yearly contribution. For persons who are age 50 or older, a special catch-up provision allows you to contribute an additional $1,000. This account grows tax-deferred until you begin to take distributions, which you can do after you turn age 59-1/2. Roth IRAs require you to pay income taxes in the year that you make the contribution. Roth IRAs grow tax-deferred, and if you keep the account for at least five years and are at least 59-1/2, the entire account can be distributed tax- and penalty-free.

What is a Managed Account?

These accounts are managed on your behalf by a registered investment advisor, offering customization and convenience.

What is Financial Planning?

Developing a road map to help achieve an investor’s goals, ranging from short-term income needs to long-term retirement planning.

What is Asset Allocation?

Implementing a risk adjusted portfolio strategy to help meet an investor’s personal financial objectives.

What is Investment Selection?

Creating a diversified portfolio of specific investment vehicles customized to the individual investor.

What is Rebalancing?

Adjusting portfolios over time to help manage risk and returns.

A PNCI Financial Advisor will work alongside you to help you understand your short-term needs, long-term goals, time horizon, tolerance for risk and more. This is the foundation of the PNCI financial planning process, allowing your Financial Advisor to provide personalized investment advice, and helping you to make informed decisions.

Your PNC Investments Financial Advisor will work alongside you to:

  • Help you identify and define your financial goals and priorities.
  • Make your financial success priority by placing your goals first and foremost
  • Help you understand the challenges you face by providing you with market research, commentary, and other relevant insight.
  • Understand your personal circumstances, values, investing style, and more.
  • Help you understand the fees and expenses associated with investing, and continually provide you with real value that exceeds these expenses.
  • Place a personal priority on communication, and consistently remain open and accessible.
  • Leverage new and novel investment tools and products, providing you with greater insight into your investment performance and returns.

Insights from PNC Investments

Leverage our knowledge and research to take steps toward your financial well-being.


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