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When the streets ice over, there is one place in Annapolis that remains clear – the sidewalks outside the Church Circle branch of Annapolis Bank and Trust. This pavement remains skid-free because of a series of hot water pipes that run under the cement to prevent ice. Installed by the bank in 1956, such consideration exemplifies service provided by Annapolis Bank and Trust Company for the past century.

The Annapolis Banking and Trust Company received its charter from the state in 1904, but did not open until 1905. The bank quickly became an integral part of Annapolis, a port town that served as a state capitol and college town, which included the U.S. Naval Academy. Its corporate seal for much of its history, the ship's anchor-and-hawser design, suggests the strength of its identification with seafaring life.

As Annapolis grew, so did the Annapolis Bank and Trust. In 1953, it opened its first branch, which included one of the first drive-up banking windows in the state. Eventually, the bank grew to include eleven branches. In 1971, Mercantile Bankshares Corporation purchased AB&T, a merger that enabled it to adopt new technologies and retain its local identity at the same time

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