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The Gettysburg National Bank

Sustaining a Strong Local Economy

In 1814, the leading citizens of Adams County formed The Bank of Gettysburg with a state charter to serve Gettysburg, Littlestown, Hanover, and surrounding areas. Throughout its history, this bank provided capital to promising businesses and earned a reputation for sound investment.

Like other banks before the Civil War, The Bank of Gettysburg depended upon the judgment of its officers, who controlled the distribution of loans. Its early directors included men of high regard throughout the state: Colonel Alexander Cobean, a hero during the War of 1812; James Gettys, founder of Gettysburg; and Thaddeus Stevens, elected to the U.S. House of Representatives between 1849 and 1868.

Despite the perils posed by the Civil War, The Bank of Gettysburg emerged in a strong position. As the battle approached in early July 1863, the bank closed its doors, removed all valuables for safekeeping, and re-opened at the end of the month. Soon thereafter, the bank converted to a national charter and changed its name to The Gettysburg National Bank.

GNB fulfilled the intent of the original state charter. It provided sound and convenient services farmers and manufacturers throughout the county. When CCNB acquired GNB in July 1986, GNB had seven branches throughout the region. It retained its name until 1991, when PNC acquired CCNB.

Photo courtesy of the the Adams County Historical Society.

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