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Bank of Lancaster County

The Friendly First

During its 145-year existence, Bank of Lancaster County has provided outstanding service to its customers in central Pennsylvania. In the 1970s, the bank affirmed this longstanding tradition by adopting the moniker "The Friendly First," to convey a friendly, community atmosphere.

Bank of Lancaster County held the oldest federal banking charter in the county. In May 1863, the citizens of southern Lancaster County applied for a national bank charter a few months after Congress established the national banking system to stabilize the currency. Initially known as the First National Bank of Strasburg, the bank held charter number 42.

Like other banks, the First National Bank of Strasburg expanded its services during the 1950s. It offered drive-through tellers, auto and other consumer loans, banking by mail and established branches throughout the county. By 1980, the bank changed its name to the First National Bank of Lancaster County to reflect its service to the county as a whole.

In 1987, Sterling Financial Corporation was formed as a holding company. This move initiated two decades of expansion, yet enabled Bank of Lancaster County to retain its commitment to the Lancaster community.

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