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CCNB originated in 1904 with the establishment of the New Cumberland National Bank. It emerged from the Great Depression in a strong position and merged with the New Cumberland Trust Company in 1938. The resulting bank, the Cumberland County National Bank and Trust Company, aggressively expanded to cover the central Pennsylvania region.

CCNB always adhered to the highest professional standards. In the 1950s, well before most banks, CCNB automated its banking services and offered evening and weekend hours. Little wonder that, in 1981, CCNB introduced automated teller machines on the MAC network, enabling customers to withdraw money at ATMs throughout the region.

As it grew, CCNB never lost sight of the special needs of its customers. CCNB established branches at the naval and army depots when they opened in 1945 and 1952 respectively. CCNB signaled its commitment to agriculture by establishing CCNB Agribusiness in 1970, its first subsidiary. As important, CCNB employees engaged in a wide range of community activities, including its Dress-a-Doll contest, economic forums, and the sponsorship of a Savers' Club.

Formed as a holding company in 1970, CCNB Corporation extended its holdings with several key acquisitions, including The Gettysburg National Bank. When PNC acquired CCNB in 1991, it was the most trusted bank in the region.

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